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Sensual voyeurism

Sensual voyeurism

Sensual voyeurism

So, late Friday night I was meeting my best friend at her corporate office for a girls night out. We were both dressed for a night out and I was really looking forward it. But I wasn’t expecting what happened! As we were leaving I accidentally happened to open the door to a co-workers office. I never expected a little sensual voyeurism.


At first it was hard to make out just what was going on. But then, in the dark I could just make out the outline of his erect penis.  Large and hard, pointing straight in my direction. But then it disappeared and all I saw was a hand moving fast. Suddenly this girls night out turned in to a naked night out!

Shocked by this sight, all I could do was watch. Never one to pass up an opportunity to watch, I stood  there frozen. There he was, this naked man stroking in front of me and not even knowing he had an audience. That is, until I decided to step in his office and let my presence be known.

My girlfriend followed my lead and stood by his other side. I told him to keep stroking and playing his naked game. I told him he had to edge at least 3 times before he could cum. He smiled but then soon started moaning as he saw my girlfriend and I sweetly touching and kissing each other right in front of him.

He came, we saw, we conquered!

June’s HOT month for phone sex

June is a hot month

June’s hot month for phone sex


June is the beginning of hotness, so what better month to celebrate sensual teasing? Everything is bright and sunny and the weather allows for less and less wearing apparel. That alone makes it hot! Winter is far behind us, spring has teased us and now summer is in its full glory. I don’t know about you, but I totally respond sexually to the longer sunny sexy days. My libido is usually fueled by this time of year, so that is why I say June was a hot month for phone sex with Ms. Meredith! It is the the perfect month for Me to tease you! I think any time is a good time for that, but sunshine and heat seem to really enhance it.

Do you have a lover? A partner? If not, that’s alright. I can be your virtual girlfriend.

I especially enjoy teasing you on a regular basis. This way, I get to know you and know exactly what you like. Nothing better then the girlfriend experience! you can share your day with me, good or bad and we can talk. It’s just nice to have someone to talk to, isn’t it? And if that someone (me) knows all about you, it just adds an intimate bond that grows over time.

Speaking of growing, I think your cock is! Must be all this talk of sensual teasing.  Or maybe it’s the idea of having someone special, at last. Someone you can count on, someone you can share your hopes and dreams with. A phone sex girlfriend you can tell your secrets to and get closer then anyone.

We can have this together. It is something I truly enjoy.

I am not just teasing you about this either. I love talking to you and sharing your day. I am a great sounding board and your biggest cheerleader. So when you need some encouragement, or maybe something a little more kinky, I am your girl. I look forward to long, sensual sessions…oh wow. All of this talk made my panties very wet!


Summer stroking with Mistress Meredith

summer stroking with mistress Meredith

summer stroking with mistress Meredith

Hello stroker boys! I know you can stroke anytime, but I think it is especially good in the hotter weather. I know you’ve been walking around with a constant hard on, so I think you should plan on stroking a lot more. Why not? The summer sun, the heat, the environment…all perfect conditions for stroking. What do I mean by environment? The environment of sexy hot girls! The hot weather brings out the sexy girls in their sexy summer outfits. Hotties wearing next to nothing…have you noticed? That is why summer stroking with Mistress Meredith is hot!

Grab your lube

you are gonna need it! Find a spot and get yourself ready for a masturbation phone sex session. It’s gonna be hot, I can promise you that! We will see just how long you can stroke before you reach that 1st edge, which will lead to many! One of my favorite things to do is challenge you to masturbate to the edge over and over again until you just can’t take it anymore!  So what is your record, your magic number? It doesn’t matter. We are gonna beat it…just beat it.


Not only that, but you can share your secrets with me and I will keep them safe, just like your kinks!

Summer Sexy Fantasies


summer sexy fantasies

summer sexy fantasies

Hello my kinky pets! Now that the weather is hot, I think you should follow suit and get all hot and  bothered! How? Oh, let me count the way… this is your guide for your summer sexy fantasies!

First, I want you to try something you have done before. I know for some this could be nearly impossible, but dig deep my sluts and just DO IT! Here’s a thought: you could go on cam for me and be exposed for your Mistress!

Second, I want you to interact with someone you have been loving from a distance. Go the distance and find a way to get her attention. Be creative.

Third, if you are a compulsive cock stroker, then you need to up your game. If you have an edging record, you need to meet it and break it. But now for the piece de la resistance… you must taste your cum, eat it, or sleep in it. you read that right, my kinky pet!

Fourth and final… when you have completed your kinky tasks you must tell me all about it. We will re-live your naughtiness and it will excite you all over again. This is why you need an erotic confessional Mistress . Now…get to it!



phone sex fantasy Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169

phone sex fantasy Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169

Hello my pets. you know how much I love fantasies…both yours and mine.  I love all kinds, the every day, the erotic, and the unusual phone sex fantasies. I enjoy the way we play and all the creative ways we enjoy each other. But  it is important to remember, this is fantasy. It is entertainment. So why not be entertained? Why not let go and just embrace the freak side? If your home situation does not allow you to do what you fantasize about, then you can come here and enjoy all aspects of it. We can explore all kinds of kinky things and have an amazing fantasy phone sex session!

Great escape

you know that is exactly what this is: a great escape from the mundane to the tantalizing. The hum drum to the screaming explosive orgasms! The secrets of your desires to the fulfilled.  This is what its all about… enjoying yourself, taking pleasure in yourself and just going deep into your hidden crevices. The desires you may have hidden away so deep that you don’t even know.

Its my job

To help you discover your hidden gems and fly your freak flag. I am happy to oblige!



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slow sensual teasing



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Music, mood, and sex

music,mood and sex 800-356-6169

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Slow and sensual hand job by Mistress Meredith

slow, sensual hand job by Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169

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