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Sensual Sexy Fun

sensual sexy fun

sensual sexy fun

Hello, my pets! Thank you for all the fun and fantastic gifts for my special day. You are so good to me! Just as good as you are to me is as bad as I wanna be to you. In a good way, of course! I enjoyed my birthday get away immensely with some sensual, sexy fun!

So, what have you done for fun lately?

Nothing? Nada? Bit of a dry spell lately? Awe. The bright spot is that you always have me! I have been thinking about some sexy fun things to do with you, and this scenario keeps floating around my head. I would really love to have a blindfold session with you. Close your eyes and imagine what it will be like. Awesome!

But, you know what is always a winner is some Goddess worship. Yep. You can’t go wrong with a session like that. Starting from my perfectly pedicured toes and working your way up? That is, if you are allowed. Be a good toe sucker and the gateway will def open!

Your assignment? Go out and have some fun!

Fun is good! Pleasure is pleasurable! Why are you sitting there reading my sexy blog? Because you are my good submissive, I know. So as your creative cock tease, I am expecting some very sexy reports back. Spare no detail. The next time we talk, I expect all kinds of sensual appetizers feeding my sexual appetite.

So, feed me.

Feed me with your adventures, big and small. But go big or go home with some sexy hottie! You have an order, an assignment, to get out and enjoy yourself. And don’t be one sided. Make sure you please your lover! But you knew that, right?

It’s spring, and you know it awakens a friskiness inside most everyone. So it should be easy enough to find someone for some sensual sexy fun!

Tease and please

tease and please

tease and please

Hello, my pets. I know it has been a long winter and you are more than ready for spring. Since I made a move down south, its been a sunny, flowery time all the time and I just love it! I think when you have the seasonal changes, you get a little friskier with spring fever. So that explains why I am always frisky now! Nothing better than a little tease and please!

When was the last time you were teased and pleased?

Maybe you were teased to the point of not being pleased? Or pleased in spite of not having a happy ending? I know we all have our quirks and kinks. A session I always enjoy is teased delay and denial. I know that may not be what you want to hear, but I do enjoy it. I think you will also. But if not, I am always happy to tease you mercilessly!

What is teasing? I think you probably have a really good idea about that. Especially if you have been on the beach and watched those gorgeous sun Goddesses walk by. Or at a bar where the hottie next to you keeps pulling her bra strap up. Or no bra at all!

Better yet, you have had lovers who knew what the hell they were doing!

Any knowledgeable lover knows that teasing can almost always lead to explosive orgasms! If your lover teases you and gets you to the edge and keeps you there, over and over? Honey, you have found gold!

just a little tease

Just a little tease


teasing words

teasing words

teasing words

Hello, my sensual pets! Since we have spent so much time together in many different intimate ways, I was wondering what your favorite words of temptation are? We all have triggers, and I love pulling the trigger on you. When you least expect it, out, it comes, and I can tell how it makes you feel. Teasing words are like that.

Naughty or not so naughty?

Maybe a combination of both? Sometimes it’s obvious. The thing that you could never imagine doing turns you on the most. Like, say, the word cocksucker. Sometimes the humiliation of it all is what sends you over the edge. The thought of doing it and my voice in your ear is just too exciting. Not that you’d ever act on it, but the word makes you crazy!

Spank it!

Sometimes adding a physical element adds to the excitement. If we are having a stroking session and I throw in some erotic humiliation and BDSM, you may have a very hard time controlling yourself!

But getting back to the teasing words. What are your favorites? You can tell me. You have confided in me about most everything else! This is all part of our phone sex therapy. Hehe I know most of your triggers anyway. I just wanna hear you admit it.



Do you like to be teased?

Do you like to be teased?

Do you like to be teased?

Hello, my pets! I was sitting here thinking what to write about when it came to me. I have never asked the question before, so now is as good a time as any. Do you like to be teased? Because honestly, I don’t! But then again, I am the Mistress, so typically I am doing the teasing!

I mean, I like the lead-up, the kissing, touching, rubbing and more kissing. But to be genuinely teased like I tease you would aggravate me more than excite me. It’s funny how different pets and Mistresses are. Women are in control of the sexual dance pace, and once they are ready, they want it, and they want it now! I think that is why teasing doesn’t work for men.

I have so many pets who live for long, drawn-out session of teasing. They loved to be teased and frustrated! I love it, too! For them, that is. hehe

Are you frustrated now?

Good! Then I am the perfect cocktease. I will tease and torment you all night long. You will be begging for some kind of release, even if its ruined. Butt that my pets, is a whole different blog.For now, sit back and enjoy your sweet frustration and building sexual tension and call me.

I am a cocktease

I am a cocktease

Slow cock tease


slow cocktease

Hello, my sensual pets! I have been thinking lately about all the cocks I have teased and all the ways I have done that. So many callers and so many unique ways to stroke, or not. It takes a little conversation to figure out where you fall as far as what you like vs. what you need. lol. But one thing that seems to be a reoccurring theme is the slow cock tease.

I am good with that. Very good

It takes a skilled sexpert who understands the art of the tease. I am an artisan when it comes to your cock. I know what to do to make it stand up and take notice. I also know how to draw it out and let it linger on the edge for awhile because yes, I am a cock tease.

I was born to be a cocktease… simple as that. It just comes naturally to me. I have always been flirty and fun, and even tho’ I am sensual, I am still in control. I love teasing your cock and all the while you are wondering “How long is this going to go on?” or “Will she let me come at the end of all this?”.

Oh, the frustration of it all!

Frustrated from teasing which leaves you frustrated. But you thrive on that. Especially the “not knowing.” But I know. Sometimes it’s good to keep you frustrated a bit so that when you do get to come, it is really intense.

I am a cocktease

I am a cocktease

Trust me on this


Ten Years of Teasing

10 years of teasing

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Sensual Teasing Assignment

Sensual Teasing assignment

Hello my pets! I know that anything involving ASS in the beginning and the end is good for you. Butt I was thinking of something for you to accomplish before the year ends for your rear end. So I came up with a list of sensual teasing assignments for you!

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Teased and Pleased

Teased and pleased

Hello, my sensual sexy pets! You know, we all have our quirks, kinks and fantasies. I have mine, so I can just imagine what is going on in the sexy head of yours! But this is a question I always like to ask before a session…How do you like to . . . → Read More: Teased and Pleased

Do you like to be cockteased?

Do you like to be teased?

Hello my pets! Since this is a blog devoted to sensual teasing, I thought I should just get straight. To the point, that is! Tell me: Do you like to be cockteased?

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Seduction Lines

Seduction Lines

Hello my pets! As you know, I was away a very sexy Mistressy cruise with my hot co-workers! It was a wonderful get away, with lots of wine, wander lust and fetish fun. I totally enjoyed myself, and I mean totally! After the cruise I went down (naughty thing, I know . . . → Read More: Seduction Lines