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I love being wet

I love being wet

I love being wet

Hello my kinky pets. I am sure you love being wet as much as I love being wet! But it’s not just the kind of wet evident in a sweet spot in my panties. It’s the kind of playful wet from a long hot shower, a steamy time in the hot tub or sauna. Or a hot, steamy bubble bath with my favorite bath bomb and you!

Have you ever done that?

I can’t think of anything more sensual then that. It is a sweet kind of foreplay, being together in the tub. It takes sex out of the bedroom, and that in itself can be highly erotic. When you draw a bath for Mistress, you are practicing submission in a very pleasing way. I know your goal is to please me, and this is a wonderful way to do that!

Now of course, there are many ways during and after this bath to continue in your service. you can fetch me a glass of wine. Have my favorite playlist playing. Serve me chocolate dipped strawberries! Sounds like bliss!

I am sure you will have the towels warm from the dryer when I am ready to get out, and my soft cashmere robe waiting. I believe a very long, hard, sensual massage is next on your submissive list. Be sure to be dressed appropriately and have your hands warm, with rich and beautiful smelling lotion.

Make me wet

Make me wet

Please your Mistress

Because she is the one who owns you, see’s you for the submissive you are, and allows you to serve her. It makes you happy to make her happy. you were born to serve. If you have any question on how to worship your Mistress, don’t worry. I am sure with my training and your obedience, we will figure it all out!


Worship my legs

Worship my legs

Worship my legs

you know you want to. you see how long and lean and tone they are. you love the shape and you have been thinking about this for a long time. How long? As long as my legs, right? One of my favorite sessions is how you worship my legs.

Where to start?

I think kneeling in front of me and working your way up, nice and s l o w is a very place to start. Sometimes you want to jump right in, butt I insist you take your time. It’s not often I allow you full access to my legs, so you need to savor every moment, every inch.

All of these months of calls and you have been earning the right to worship my legs. We have been dancing around this topic and finally I have decided you are ready!

legs for days

legs for days

So here you are!

Our session begins with a bit of oral first. This time you talk and I listen as you tell me exactly why you love my legs. Oh, did you think I meant something else? That cums later, my pet. you have to work your way up and that will take some time and dedication.

I work out everyday, whether its cardio, Pilates, yoga, zumba or elliptical. So you can enjoy the rewards of my hard work. Show me just how much you appreciate my sweat by being the best leg and foot slave ever. If you are a wanna be pet, I will be more then happy to train you properly.


worship my legs!

worship my legs!

Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Hello my sexy sensual pets. Have you been exploring your sexual avenues, discovering what excites you and what you crave? If you crave attention, communication and care without the complications of an actual relationship, then I have a better option: Sensual Girlfriend Experience!

What does this mean?

Over the years you and I have gotten closer then anyone, right? I mean, who else can you talk to about your kinky fantasies? I am the 1st one you think of when something good or bad happens. I am the one you want to share it with. So its already like a virtual relationship.

I can safely safe that phone sex is more then sex. We have a bond, we know each other with no judgments. I embrace your kinky side and we share our deepest thoughts. But we don’t fight, or worry about neglect. Why?

Because you can say to yourself my girlfriend is only a phone call away. If you need me, call. If you need advice, caring loving tenderness, call. If want to vent about work, life, or things in general, call. And of course, when you need some sensual intimate moments together, call.

We will talk it through. We can talk about anything! I am your sexy sounding board and the voice of reason…or unreason. he he. Whatever you need, whatever you want. As your virtual girlfriend I will be here with no strings attached, no nagging, and just an all around pleasant sexy experience. I know what you need. you need me.


Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Sensual cravings

sensual craving

sensual craving

Hello my pets. I am writing about something I myself am experiencing: Sensual cravings! I have such a strong libido that sometimes I think I am like the stereotypical guy. I think about sex all the time! What do you think? Would you equate my drives to that of a guy?

Sensual urges

Sometimes you just have to scratch that itch. I do it every day…in the shower…the hand held shower massager is a very good thing! What better way to start my day! It may seem obsessive, but I think its just right. Certainly takes the edge off. How about you? How often do you take care of things? Do you think you could qualify as a chronic masturbator?

How much is too much? I think as long as you function, can get through the day on task and are not bothering anybody, the sky is the limit! How can you really determine pleasure in increments and how much is too much? It’s all good!

Pleasure is pleasurable

Absolutely. Life is hard enough without some kind of outlet. Sharing your pleasure is the best phone sex I can think of! Its satisfying your craving and fulfilling a need. I love it when my needs are met. As your phone sex girlfriend I am happy to oblige and I know you will be attentive to my needs.

My needs right now are you! you and me and all the fun we can find. Like I mentioned earlier, I have some major sensual cravings going on and you complete that scenario!

What are you craving?

Phone Sex 101

Phone Sex 101

Phone Sex 101

Hello my pets. Sometimes it’s nice to set things out on the table clearly. So pull up a chair and take a drink. Something wet is always a good way to start! Recently I have had some callers who were new to the phone sex world, so I thought it was a good idea to do this friendly reminder.  I think you will learn a lot from this Phone Sex 101 blog!

Communication is key!

Duh! That seems like a given, a no boner brainer. But you would be surprised how many phone sex callers think I have super powers and can read their mind. The only super power I have is the ability to make you cum. But how we get there is up to you. Of course, I can assume from your input, but sometimes I can get it wrong. Like, I may put you in panties when you just had a feminine sounding voice and not in to that. So, talk to me!

Tell me about it, stud

I got chills…from writing that. Just a little grease to pave the way. Which brings me to another tip. Make sure you have your lube handy. he he. Hate to have you rub it dry. Don’t forget your toys! I love to play with them! They can really enhance a session, too.

If you are performing on cam for me, please have it all set up and ready to go. I hate for you to use our time trying to get it working! We have better things to do together then that!

Setting up a call

you can do this many ways. you can send me an email. But I don’t need a script, unless we are doing a role play that you want word for word. I just need to know what you want, what you don’t want, the day and time and if it’s to be a happy ending.

Speaking of happy endings…I want to talk about this, butt will cum back to it later.

Another way to set up a session is through yahoo IM. But again, I just need to know what you want in a pg way. Not Xrated! If you IM me with… “I am such a cock sucker. I love sucking cock. I have to have it. I live for cum dripping down my throat” I will probably tell you to save all that cock sucking energy for our call and you can share your secrets then. Yahoo is a tool, like you, and not to take the place of calling me. Do NOT take advantage of me or my time, either.

you may call now

Sensual voyeurism

Sensual voyeurism

So, late Friday night I was meeting my best friend at her corporate office for a girls night out. We were both dressed for a night out and I was really looking forward it. But I wasn’t expecting what happened! As we were leaving I accidentally happened to open the door . . . → Read More: Sensual voyeurism

June’s HOT month for phone sex

June’s hot month for phone sex


June is the beginning of hotness, so what better month to celebrate sensual teasing? Everything is bright and sunny and the weather allows for less and less wearing apparel. That alone makes it hot! Winter is far behind us, spring has teased us and now summer . . . → Read More: June’s HOT month for phone sex

Summer stroking with Mistress Meredith

summer stroking with mistress Meredith

Hello stroker boys! I know you can stroke anytime, but I think it is especially good in the hotter weather. I know you’ve been walking around with a constant hard on, so I think you should plan on stroking a lot more. Why not? The summer sun, the . . . → Read More: Summer stroking with Mistress Meredith

Summer Sexy Fantasies


summer sexy fantasies

Hello my kinky pets! Now that the weather is hot, I think you should follow suit and get all hot and  bothered! How? Oh, let me count the way… this is your guide for your summer sexy fantasies!

First, I want you to try something you have done before. . . . → Read More: Summer Sexy Fantasies


phone sex fantasy Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169

Hello my pets. you know how much I love fantasies…both yours and mine.  I love all kinds, the every day, the erotic, and the unusual phone sex fantasies. I enjoy the way we play and all the creative ways we enjoy each other. But  it is important . . . → Read More: FANTASY PHONE SEX