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Ten Years of Teasing

10 years of teasing

10 years of teasing

Hello my pets! I hope this new year finds you naughty and nice and enjoying yourself. This time of year is special, in spite of the drab weather, which I have now moved from-FINALLY! But it has been cold, rainy and grey skies lately here, too. In spite of that, January is a good month for me, since it is my anniversary month at LDW! Can you guess which one? It’s 10! 10 years of teasing! If I only knew then what I know now. Hehe!

What I have learned

When I first started, I was not that familiar with chastity, and it was a bit of a weird fetish to me. I didn’t understand how owning your orgasms could make you more submissive. Boy, did I learn! That one and cuckolding are  two of my favorite kind of sessions now.

Would you believe I still have callers from when I started? That makes me very happy! I love all my devoted submissives. Since I am a sensual Mistress, we have a very intimate relationship. You have confided in me, trusted me, and shared all kinds of things with me. I, in turn, have given you what I thought you needed from the conversations we have had.

Sometimes, it is just that: conversation.

I know sometimes you just need someone to talk to. It’s not always explicit content, but important and intimate just the same. I want you to know I have enjoyed every minute with you and look back fondly on the last 10 years, and excited for the next!

Thank-you for being such wonderful pets. I am not teasing you with that sentence, either!

Much sexy love! xxoo

10 years of sexiness!

10 years of sexiness!


1 comment to Ten Years of Teasing

  • Dear Mistress Meredith,

    Congratulations on 10 successful years at LDW! I’m so glad that You mastered the craft of Chastity — You are so right about making a boy submissive! Special thanks for all of the intimate conversation and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years of sexy, intimate talk and maybe we will find that key to cage sometime.

    Oh yeah, that picture is hot making the cage so tight!


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