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slow sensual teasing



It all begins with “Hello” and before you know it, you have your pants off, a glob of lube in your hand and a raging hard on! I have so many callers who say they were erect as soon as I said “hello”. And that, my love, makes . . . → Read More: SLOW SENSUAL TEASING

Music, mood, and sex

music,mood and sex 800-356-6169

As I sit here getting ready to write my blog about some kind of sensual teasing and I have my Bose speaker blasting tunes from my ipod and thought about how these three things relate: music, mood and sex! Sometimes they go hand in hand, and if one hand . . . → Read More: Music, mood, and sex

Slow and sensual hand job by Mistress Meredith

slow, sensual hand job by Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169

Hello my pets. I know you know what the subject is and you are ready for me to get right to it! ha ha. But that is the whole point of this! This, my loves, is NOT going to be fast. No, this is a . . . → Read More: Slow and sensual hand job by Mistress Meredith