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June’s HOT month for phone sex

June’s hot month for phone sex


June is the beginning of hotness, so what better month to celebrate sensual teasing? Everything is bright and sunny and the weather allows for less and less wearing apparel. That alone makes it hot! Winter is far behind us, spring has teased us and now summer . . . → Read More: June’s HOT month for phone sex

Summer stroking with Mistress Meredith

summer stroking with mistress Meredith

Hello stroker boys! I know you can stroke anytime, but I think it is especially good in the hotter weather. I know you’ve been walking around with a constant hard on, so I think you should plan on stroking a lot more. Why not? The summer sun, the . . . → Read More: Summer stroking with Mistress Meredith

Summer Sexy Fantasies


summer sexy fantasies

Hello my kinky pets! Now that the weather is hot, I think you should follow suit and get all hot and ┬ábothered! How? Oh, let me count the way… this is your guide for your summer sexy fantasies!

First, I want you to try something you have done before. . . . → Read More: Summer Sexy Fantasies