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Do you like to be teased?

Do you like to be teased?

Hello, my pets! I was sitting here thinking what to write about when it came to me. I have never asked the question before, so now is as good a time as any. Do you like to be teased? Because honestly, I don’t! But then again, I . . . → Read More: Do you like to be teased?

Slow cock tease

slow cocktease

Hello, my sensual pets! I have been thinking lately about all the cocks I have teased and all the ways I have done that. So many callers and so many unique ways to stroke, or not. It takes a little conversation to figure out where you fall as far as what . . . → Read More: Slow cock tease

Ten Years of Teasing

10 years of teasing

Hello my pets! I hope this new year finds you naughty and nice and enjoying yourself. This time of year is special, in spite of the drab weather, which I have now moved from-FINALLY! But it has been cold, rainy and grey skies lately here, too. In spite of . . . → Read More: Ten Years of Teasing