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About Mistress Meredith

Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169

About Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169

I am at my very core a sensual woman. It only stands to reason that I use the womanly art of seduction to tease you. It all comes naturally, and I enjoy every aspect of it. I think sexuality is an expressive release of energy, but can sound strong and harsh in certain contexts. But sensuality has a flow to it, a softer side that invites long, drawn out kisses and erotic sessions.

I will explore your sensual side and encourage you to do the same.

How do we do that? Well, we can get to know each other and with that, you can ┬áplan on sensual teasing. I take my time with this specific session. It’s just better to get the fire started, fuel it, fan it and watch it ignite. All those necessary steps to allow us to sit back and enjoy, stirring the embers.

I am all about pleasure. Teasing you brings me pleasure. This is not a hardcore, strong armed practice. This is slow, sensual, warm enticing time. So plan on something slow and deliberate. you’re gonna love this!