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Anal – icious



Hello my pets. I have several callers who are ass sluts and I love that! I mean, why wouldnt I love that! So many different ways to play. I think that area is very sensitive and sensual. Tons of nerve endings there that make any kind of ass play intensified. That also makes it anal-icios!

Now, this can be very sensual. Ass worship is very erotic to me and one of my very favorite activities. Especially if you know how to do it!

Butt that’s all about me!

As it should be, right? I am an equal opportunity pleasure maker, so stimulating your ass is fine with me. I can do that in so many ways! We can try a butt plug and see how you like it. I usually start small, so don’t worry.

But what I REALLY love is a sexy, fun, exciting strapon fantasy! Oh yes! We can have have big fun with that. I love luing you up, getting right square between your legs and sliding my nice 10″ of man made meat in to you! you can do it. I will go slow. A little pain never hurt anybody.

But it’s a sexy sensual pain. you’ll like it. I promise!

The end

The end

2 comments to Anal – icious

  • Ecock

    Oh my Goddess, I cannot take my eyes off of your pictures you have. It is really hard for me to concentrate on what I am trying to type. I mean how could anyone resit the smooth, incredible legs that run all the way. The idea that someone with a someone like you behind me, how could I say no? Of course, on our first call, you named me your pet, your bitch, and your but slut. However, it is still impossible not to worship that which is the mostess, the Goddess Mistress Meredith.

  • How about that Fucking Machine we use with all of that Anal stimulation from the Powerbox! OMG, I’m hard just thinking aBUTT it.

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