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Hello my pets! you know, so much is out there about blow jobs and foot jobs that I felt we needed to talk about HAND JOBS! I mean, lets face it, if it’s done right, it can be fucking amazing. Trust me when I tell you, I know how to do . . . → Read More: HAND JOBS

Caught in the act!

caught in the act

Has that ever happened to you? Perhaps I should define what act you were caught in? One, two or three? LOL. Hello my pets, your phone sex Goddess wants to know! So, you were going through your wife’s pantie drawer and realized a pair of eyes were gazing at . . . → Read More: Caught in the act!

Lusty urges

lusty urges (800) 356-6169

Oh my pets, this seems like such a timely subject, I blogged about it at the sexy truth, and now here! I just wanted to continue on with it, kind of like my orgasms! It is just the beginning of a new season, but not quite there yet. Spring . . . → Read More: Lusty urges