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Caught in the act!

caught in the act

caught in the act

Has that ever happened to you? Perhaps I should define what act you were caught in? One, two or three? LOL. Hello my pets, your phone sex Goddess wants to know! So, you were going through your wife’s pantie drawer and realized a pair of eyes were gazing at you with wonder. you were so embarrassed to have gotten caught in panties! Or you were full fledged dressed and got caught cross dressing! Maybe you were in the shower seeking relief when someone walked in. Or the sanctuary of your own bed as you were being the chronic masturbater that you are when all of a sudden you realized you were not alone.


What happened next? Were you too embarrassed to speak? Did you extend an explanation or invitation? Were you told that since you were showing such an interest in her panties that from now on YOU had to wear them? Because that would have been my reaction.

Who was it that caught you doing the deed? Did it affect you later on in life, like, say with a fetish about them and the situation?

I remember “accidentally” walking in on my neighbor. I was amused, intrigued and honestly-I liked what I saw. He was hot! He was built, cute and his cock was one not to be ignored. He was flustered and as red as red could be. I smiled at him. Laughed, really, as I closed the door and locked it.

Now, did I lock the door after me, or with me? What is your guess?

Good guess! Yes, I was locked in with my neighbor and his hunk of meat hanging out of his pants! He was surprised and hesitant at first, probably self conscious, too. All that faded away as he got more and more comfortable and excited. And that made him get closer and closer. I did tease him a bit as I sat across from him and reached inside my bra to rub my nipple. It probably didn’t help matters any that I spread my legs as I sat in front of him. But he really seemed to pop when I started rubbing myself through my panties.

To this day, I like to watch. Wanna show me?

I like to watch 800-356-6169

I like to watch 800-356-6169

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