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Do you like to be cockteased?

Do you like to be teased?

Do you like to be teased?

Hello my pets! Since this is a blog devoted to sensual teasing, I thought I should just get straight. To the point, that is! Tell me: Do you like to be cockteased?

Some prefer to get them there and let them have a fantastic immediate orgasm. Others prefer the journey before the destination and like to take their time. Some really hate to be teased, other love the cat and mouse game. Some men can’t resist teasing, others are slightly annoyed by it.

For me? I love being a cocktease! Oh, the power. That alone is a powerful aphrodisiac! It makes me very excited. I never take for granted the power of the pussy! So if I can rattle your cage a bit with some gorgeous cleavage, high heels accenting my long legs or whatever womanly wiles…I will! Sometimes just because I can.

There is an art to the tease, you know. What is it, you ask? Oh, my sweet pet. A Mistress never divulges her secrets!

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