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I love being wet

I love being wet

I love being wet

Hello my kinky pets. I am sure you love being wet as much as I love being wet! But it’s not just the kind of wet evident in a sweet spot in my panties. It’s the kind of playful wet from a long hot shower, a steamy time in the hot tub or sauna. Or a hot, steamy bubble bath with my favorite bath bomb and you!

Have you ever done that?

I can’t think of anything more sensual then that. It is a sweet kind of foreplay, being together in the tub. It takes sex out of the bedroom, and that in itself can be highly erotic. When you draw a bath for Mistress, you are practicing submission in a very pleasing way. I know your goal is to please me, and this is a wonderful way to do that!

Now of course, there are many ways during and after this bath to continue in your service. you can fetch me a glass of wine. Have my favorite playlist playing. Serve me chocolate dipped strawberries! Sounds like bliss!

I am sure you will have the towels warm from the dryer when I am ready to get out, and my soft cashmere robe waiting. I believe a very long, hard, sensual massage is next on your submissive list. Be sure to be dressed appropriately and have your hands warm, with rich and beautiful smelling lotion.

Make me wet

Make me wet

Please your Mistress

Because she is the one who owns you, see’s you for the submissive you are, and allows you to serve her. It makes you happy to make her happy. you were born to serve. If you have any question on how to worship your Mistress, don’t worry. I am sure with my training and your obedience, we will figure it all out!


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