Men Jerking Men Off

Holly loves doing Jerking off Calls! 800-601-6975One of the absolute joys of my job is hearing about all sorts of first time bi experiences. Oftentimes this is a mutual masturbation session between roommates or something of the like. Truth be told, I sort of feel like I am spying on guys jerking off when they tell me these stories. And let’s be honest here, that is HOT. 

Jerking off with Roommate

I think we have all delved into this porno at one time or another. You know the one, it starts with a guy in a shower and jerking off. He is perfectly content and having a grand ole time. But alas… it’s a shared shower and eventually his roommate sees him. There is a bit of an awkward silence, but very soon it turns into a group of men jerking off their bulge.

Fantasy Vs. Reality

Just like any other group sex fantasy, there must be a dominate personality involved somewhere. In real life, that guy jerking off in the shower who gets caught will probably just finish the day blueballed. Unless of course, once caught he has the confidence to be like, “hey, you wanna?” Sadly, this is the least likely scenario in real life. And that’s why fantasy is fun and porno is profitable. It’s also why I am in business, lol. Each and every day I take sexy phonesex calls from guys who want to suck cock or jerk off in public or something like that. Without me, their fantasy is just in their head. Simply saying the fantasy outloud to another person takes it out of your.. ahem, hands.

That’s the best part of my job I think. Helping you weave a realistic and steamy scenario to get you off. It’s that added attention to detail that sets our service apart. And I take great pride in my work. Not that I really consider what I do work. *Giggle* Anywho, back to great stories…

She Caught me Jerking Off

Another common fantasy is the “caught jerking off in front of sister” scenario. This too, is super hot to me. And at least this one I can play a pivotal role instead of simply a glorified choreographer. Obviously, in this scenario I can play the sexy step sister or whomever. What’s particular cool with this type of call is that with the use of web cam, I can watch you stroke it for me. And that’s always fun! I love to indulge and watch boys jerk it off on cam.

So anywho, for those of you who love to read my blog and are maybe considering some new sexy paths for our calls… here are just some ideas for you! Remember that if coerced bi, cock sucking or anal play is part of your fantasy life you should definitely check out my specialty blog!



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  • wellspanked

    One of the most embarrassing (and arousing) things that ever happened to me was when I shared an appartment with a friend. I was home one day when my car was in the shop, his girlfriend slept over and I didn’t know. I thought I was alone, started jerking off on the couch and she walked out of his room. It was an awkard day for a while.

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