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Seduction Lines

Seduction Lines

Seduction Lines

Hello my pets! As you know, I was away a very sexy Mistressy cruise with my hot co-workers! It was a wonderful get away, with lots of wine, wander lust and fetish fun. I totally enjoyed myself, and I mean totally! After the cruise I went down (naughty thing, I know what you’re thinking!) to Key West to catch the beginning of one of my very fantasies: Fantasy Festival. It’s like Mardi Gras on steroids. Anyway, I had so many guys hitting on me, younger, older, and everything in between. My Mistress mode kicked in a bit. Especially when the seduction lines were nothing but pathetic.

My name is “NO”

Have you heard that song? That’s what I was singing. I mean really…a young stud, hoping to scare kept repeating the line “You’re gonna take me back to the hotel, right?” Um. Nope. Just does not entice! It’s not like I was a MILF on the prowl, but the younger men could certainly use some mature guidance. Some original lines at the very least.

Now, it was a smorgasbord of hotties, believe me. It was MILFS and college guys galore. I enjoyed the eye candy, believe me. But that is where it ends. As soon as they opened their mouth, it was over. C’mon, there has to be some attraction! That, and the ability to put together real words with real sentences. he he

So I guess on this trip, you would call me a cockteasing MIlF. It wasn’t on purpose, but it was hot, and so I admit I wore as little as possible. As did every other beach baby down there. The difference is, I am a mature woman and confident.  That attracts like bees to honey.

But they need to listen to the song about my fast machine. I keep my motor clean. So start working double time on your seduction lines and I promise things will go much better for you!

Not a MILF

By the way, I am not technically a MILF. But I could be your step mom MILF!


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