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Sensual cravings

sensual craving

sensual craving

Hello my pets. I am writing about something I myself am experiencing: Sensual cravings! I have such a strong libido that sometimes I think I am like the stereotypical guy. I think about sex all the time! What do you think? Would you equate my drives to that of a guy?

Sensual urges

Sometimes you just have to scratch that itch. I do it every day…in the shower…the hand held shower massager is a very good thing! What better way to start my day! It may seem obsessive, but I think its just right. Certainly takes the edge off. How about you? How often do you take care of things? Do you think you could qualify as a chronic masturbator?

How much is too much? I think as long as you function, can get through the day on task and are not bothering anybody, the sky is the limit! How can you really determine pleasure in increments and how much is too much? It’s all good!

Pleasure is pleasurable

Absolutely. Life is hard enough without some kind of outlet. Sharing your pleasure is the best phone sex I can think of! Its satisfying your craving and fulfilling a need. I love it when my needs are met. As your phone sex girlfriend I am happy to oblige and I know you will be attentive to my needs.

My needs right now are you! you and me and all the fun we can find. Like I mentioned earlier, I have some major sensual cravings going on and you complete that scenario!

What are you craving?

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