Sensual Domination

Over the weekend I added a page to my blog entitled Sensual Domination with Empress Holly “BDSM Checklist” and was very surprised by the reaction it got. Many callers were confused that sensual domination would include such traditional BDSM type activities.

I was shocked to say the least that any of my puppets would see a limit to my power!  Shame on you that question my ability to sensually dominate you. To put your Mistress in a box!

Sensual Domination is about control.

It is true that I have never and will never hook up a caller to a car battery. It is false to see this as a limit of mine. I can control you with my very words. My sweet nature, giggling and bubbly personality only proves that my power of domination is supreme. I don’t need to scream to get your attention. I don’t need to spit on you to make you listen. The truth is you want to listen to me. You want to please your Mistress.

Sensual Domination has no limits.

Are you worried that I don’t “do” your type of call? Hogwash. I do everything,… in my own style. Go to the page entitled “BDSM Checklist” and let those concepts run around your mind a bit. Each dom is different, and each relationship is unique. If you are worried that sensual domination is not “tough” enough for you then I suggest you try a call with me or one of the many other sensual mistresses here at LDW. Finally see your fantasy from another point of view. Allow yourself to be puddy, molded by a sweet voice. Once you are broken you will fully understand the intense power of sensual domination.

Or are you worried that you’ll never be the same again?


Empress Holly

For an erotic phone session with Empress Holly, call 800-601-6975 Must be 18+

Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum

Discreetly billed to your credit card


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  • susan

    sensual domination with you has no limits. As you say the truth is I want to listen to you; I want to please my Mistress. Can’t wait to speak with you again

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