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Sensual Sexy Fun

sensual sexy fun

sensual sexy fun

Hello, my pets! Thank you for all the fun and fantastic gifts for my special day. You are so good to me! Just as good as you are to me is as bad as I wanna be to you. In a good way, of course! I enjoyed my birthday get away immensely with some sensual, sexy fun!

So, what have you done for fun lately?

Nothing? Nada? Bit of a dry spell lately? Awe. The bright spot is that you always have me! I have been thinking about some sexy fun things to do with you, and this scenario keeps floating around my head. I would really love to have a blindfold session with you. Close your eyes and imagine what it will be like. Awesome!

But, you know what is always a winner is some Goddess worship. Yep. You can’t go wrong with a session like that. Starting from my perfectly pedicured toes and working your way up? That is, if you are allowed. Be a good toe sucker and the gateway will def open!

Your assignment? Go out and have some fun!

Fun is good! Pleasure is pleasurable! Why are you sitting there reading my sexy blog? Because you are my good submissive, I know. So as your creative cock tease, I am expecting some very sexy reports back. Spare no detail. The next time we talk, I expect all kinds of sensual appetizers feeding my sexual appetite.

So, feed me.

Feed me with your adventures, big and small. But go big or go home with some sexy hottie! You have an order, an assignment, to get out and enjoy yourself. And don’t be one sided. Make sure you please your lover! But you knew that, right?

It’s spring, and you know it awakens a friskiness inside most everyone. So it should be easy enough to find someone for some sensual sexy fun!

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