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Sensual Teasing Assignment

Sensual Teasing assignment

Sensual Teasing assignment

Hello my pets! I know that anything involving ASS in the beginning and the end is good for you. Butt I was thinking of something for you to accomplish before the year ends for your rear end. So I came up with a list of sensual teasing assignments for you!

1st things 1st

Go grab some lube and LOTS of it! You are gonna need it, I promise. I think we are gonna show some love to that hole with a dildo! So make sure when you get your lube, you have batteries and a nice, clean fresh lifelike dildo for some dildo masturbation!

Now, if you have never experimented with this area, you need to take it slow. And start with something small and work your way up. I want you to experience not only enjoyable, but safe anal play! You have a few days to get this done, so get going before 2016 ends!

For the more experienced ass slut, I suggest a session with a butt plug. Oh butt not just any plug. No! You need an inflatable one! This takes it to a whole new level and one that I am sure your ass will enjoy!

Now, if all this is too much for you in the end, a nice long ass worship session with yours truly will suffice. I love a good ass worship sub, and I love teasing your sub cock while you kiss my ass!

What a perfect combo, right?

Right! Ok, you have your assignments. Not get to it before 2016 ends…or you will really get it in the end! Hehe!

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