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Sensual Teasing from Mistress Meredith

your sensual Mistress Meredith

your sensual Mistress Meredith

Hello, my pets and WELCUM HOME! Thank you for stopping by today! This is a new blog of mine, one that I plan to fill with lots sexy, sensual teasing from your Mistress Meredith! I still have my wonderful faithful blog, the sexy truth, and a few others. But this is a new avenue for me. One I hope you drive down often, as we have lots of sensual teasing times together. Me, a cock tease?

Well Maybe or Maybe Not

As this blogs evolves, we will have to see what cums of it. It is perfect timing, too. With February just around the corner, we will have lots of sensual fun playing out the girlfriend experience. No stupid Cupids allowed!

No stupid Cupids

No stupid Cupids allowed!

I can’t lie, I enjoy teasing the hell out of you! It truly is an art, and you can think of yourself as a blank canvas, and I am the artist. I will paint you whatever way I want. Long, soft brush strokes, or a fast and furious splattering. As my subject, you need to be pliable, mold-able and devoted. I know I can count on you and yours for that.

Sensual Teasing

Oh, we are going to enjoy this, I know! We can take our time, let it build, let it ride. you may be asking yourself, just what is a sensual Mistress? She is a Mistress who takes her time getting you all worked up. Leading your intense urges and exploring your fantasies. How does she do this? By getting to know you, building a long term phone sex relationship, and applying your stated desires. By the way, “she” is “I”. This Mistress is well informed and experienced in sensually teasing you!

I won’t scream or demean you. This is not humiliation, or hardcore sessions. If you want/need that, please visit our sites that cater to that. Here, I cater to taking my sensual time to get you to a place of bliss. I believe you will see that this kind of¬†¬†domination can be sensual.

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