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Sensual voyeurism

Sensual voyeurism

Sensual voyeurism

So, late Friday night I was meeting my best friend at her corporate office for a girls night out. We were both dressed for a night out and I was really looking forward it. But I wasn’t expecting what happened! As we were leaving I accidentally happened to open the door to a co-workers office. I never expected a little sensual voyeurism.


At first it was hard to make out just what was going on. But then, in the dark I could just make out the outline of his erect penis.Β  Large and hard, pointing straight in my direction. But then it disappeared and all I saw was a hand moving fast. Suddenly this girls night out turned in to a naked night out!

Shocked by this sight, all I could do was watch. Never one to pass up an opportunity to watch, I stood Β there frozen. There he was, this naked man stroking in front of me and not even knowing he had an audience. That is, until I decided to step in his office and let my presence be known.

My girlfriend followed my lead and stood by his other side. I told him to keep stroking and playing his naked game. I told him he had to edge at least 3 times before he could cum. He smiled but then soon started moaning as he saw my girlfriend and I sweetly touching and kissing each other right in front of him.

He came, we saw, we conquered!

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  • Joe in FL

    Mmm, which reminds me of a long-standing fantasy, Meredith, having some sexy playtime with you and one of your girlfriends! πŸ’‹πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ’‹

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