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Summer stroking with Mistress Meredith

summer stroking with mistress Meredith

summer stroking with mistress Meredith

Hello stroker boys! I know you can stroke anytime, but I think it is especially good in the hotter weather. I know you’ve been walking around with a constant hard on, so I think you should plan on stroking a lot more. Why not? The summer sun, the heat, the environment…all perfect conditions for stroking. What do I mean by environment? The environment of sexy hot girls! The hot weather brings out the sexy girls in their sexy summer outfits. Hotties wearing next to nothing…have you noticed? That is why summer stroking with Mistress Meredith is hot!

Grab your lube

you are gonna need it! Find a spot and get yourself ready for a masturbation phone sex session. It’s gonna be hot, I can promise you that! We will see just how long you can stroke before you reach that 1st edge, which will lead to many! One of my favorite things to do is challenge you to masturbate to the edge over and over again until you just can’t take it anymore! ┬áSo what is your record, your magic number? It doesn’t matter. We are gonna beat it…just beat it.


Not only that, but you can share your secrets with me and I will keep them safe, just like your kinks!

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