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Ten Years of Teasing

10 years of teasing

Hello my pets! I hope this new year finds you naughty and nice and enjoying yourself. This time of year is special, in spite of the drab weather, which I have now moved from-FINALLY! But it has been cold, rainy and grey skies lately here, too. In spite of . . . → Read More: Ten Years of Teasing

Seduction Lines

Seduction Lines

Hello my pets! As you know, I was away a very sexy Mistressy cruise with my hot co-workers! It was a wonderful get away, with lots of wine, wander lust and fetish fun. I totally enjoyed myself, and I mean totally! After the cruise I went down (naughty thing, I know . . . → Read More: Seduction Lines

Anal – icious


Hello my pets. I have several callers who are ass sluts and I love that! I mean, why wouldnt I love that! So many different ways to play. I think that area is very sensitive and sensual. Tons of nerve endings there that make any kind of ass play intensified. That also . . . → Read More: Anal – icious

Sensual Cocktease

sensual cocktease

Hello my pets! How are you? Did you miss me? I missed you! I am glad to be back, I am revived and ready for action! It was just what I needed. Sometimes you need to step away from the computer, the smartphone and computer and just…BE. That’s what I did . . . → Read More: Sensual Cocktease

I love being wet

I love being wet

Hello my kinky pets. I am sure you love being wet as much as I love being wet! But it’s not just the kind of wet evident in a sweet spot in my panties. It’s the kind of playful wet from a long hot shower, a steamy time in . . . → Read More: I love being wet

Worship my legs

Worship my legs

you know you want to. you see how long and lean and tone they are. you love the shape and you have been thinking about this for a long time. How long? As long as my legs, right? One of my favorite sessions is how you worship my legs.

Where . . . → Read More: Worship my legs

Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Hello my sexy sensual pets. Have you been exploring your sexual avenues, discovering what excites you and what you crave? If you crave attention, communication and care without the complications of an actual relationship, then I have a better option: Sensual Girlfriend Experience!

What does this mean?

Over the years . . . → Read More: Sensual Girlfriend Experience

Sensual cravings

sensual craving

Hello my pets. I am writing about something I myself am experiencing: Sensual cravings! I have such a strong libido that sometimes I think I am like the stereotypical guy. I think about sex all the time! What do you think? Would you equate my drives to that of a guy?

. . . → Read More: Sensual cravings

Phone Sex 101

Phone Sex 101

Hello my pets. Sometimes it’s nice to set things out on the table clearly. So pull up a chair and take a drink. Something wet is always a good way to start! Recently I have had some callers who were new to the phone sex world, so I thought it . . . → Read More: Phone Sex 101

June’s HOT month for phone sex

June’s hot month for phone sex


June is the beginning of hotness, so what better month to celebrate sensual teasing? Everything is bright and sunny and the weather allows for less and less wearing apparel. That alone makes it hot! Winter is far behind us, spring has teased us and now summer . . . → Read More: June’s HOT month for phone sex