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Tease and please

tease and please

tease and please

Hello, my pets. I know it has been a long winter and you are more than ready for spring. Since I made a move down south, its been a sunny, flowery time all the time and I just love it! I think when you have the seasonal changes, you get a little friskier with spring fever. So that explains why I am always frisky now! Nothing better than a little tease and please!

When was the last time you were teased and pleased?

Maybe you were teased to the point of not being pleased? Or pleased in spite of not having a happy ending? I know we all have our quirks and kinks. A session I always enjoy is teased delay and denial. I know that may not be what you want to hear, but I do enjoy it. I think you will also. But if not, I am always happy to tease you mercilessly!

What is teasing? I think you probably have a really good idea about that. Especially if you have been on the beach and watched those gorgeous sun Goddesses walk by. Or at a bar where the hottie next to you keeps pulling her bra strap up. Or no bra at all!

Better yet, you have had lovers who knew what the hell they were doing!

Any knowledgeable lover knows that teasing can almost always lead to explosive orgasms! If your lover teases you and gets you to the edge and keeps you there, over and over? Honey, you have found gold!

just a little tease

Just a little tease


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