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teasing words

teasing words

teasing words

Hello, my sensual pets! Since we have spent so much time together in many different intimate ways, I was wondering what your favorite words of temptation are? We all have triggers, and I love pulling the trigger on you. When you least expect it, out, it comes, and I can tell how it makes you feel. Teasing words are like that.

Naughty or not so naughty?

Maybe a combination of both? Sometimes it’s obvious. The thing that you could never imagine doing turns you on the most. Like, say, the word cocksucker. Sometimes the humiliation of it all is what sends you over the edge. The thought of doing it and my voice in your ear is just too exciting. Not that you’d ever act on it, but the word makes you crazy!

Spank it!

Sometimes adding a physical element adds to the excitement. If we are having a stroking session and I throw in some erotic humiliation and BDSM, you may have a very hard time controlling yourself!

But getting back to the teasing words. What are your favorites? You can tell me. You have confided in me about most everything else! This is all part of our phone sex therapy. Hehe I know most of your triggers anyway. I just wanna hear you admit it.



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