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I knew since March that I was going to be on Santa’s naughty list this year. Partied a little too much with St. Patrick and got up to way too much mischief in one night. I thought maybe I could be really good throughout the rest of the year, however, that wasn’t guaranteed to work. Racking my brain I glanced upon my dresser where my evil plan began to unravel. 

The Idea

A small chastity cage I had recently removed from one of my pets reminded me of the power teasing could have. What was needed was an inside guy. We all know how Christmas elves love to jingle their balls and play with their candy cane sticks. So all I had to do was catch myself an elf and turn him in a loyal pet. Chastity training is a great way to teach a pet how to be attentive and anticipate needs.

I discovered that there was a bar called the Gingerbread Escape that elves often frequented. Taking my time I learned of an elf named Jollylog that had direct access to the list. Jollylog was cheerful and eager to please with no return from the start. But I knew he wouldn’t go behind Santa’s back so easily. Over a few weeks, I spent my time teasing him. Making sure to reward him often.

Locking Him Up

The time came when Jollylog admitted to me that he would do anything to please. It wasn’t quite true yet but it did open the door for my real plan to unfold. That night I introduced him to my chastity cage. He was elated at the idea of me controlling his jollies. I was curious myself of how fun it would be to play with a chaste elf. Turns out keeping Jollylog in chastity had many interesting results.

Every night hours were spent teasing my caged pet until he begged for mercy. After the first few weeks, his cute jingle bells were the color blueberries! Ever time I teased him about his aching blueberries he would get excited. After a month a single gentle touch would have him leaking, which only embarrassed him more. Going from frequently getting his jollies to having to ice his aching berries in the snow was making Jollylog desperate.

Jollylog needed to stroke his candy cane again, he was desperate. When I revealed to him my sadness over being on the naughty list he took the matter into his hands. Just as planned. That very night he was doing a quality check of Santa’s list and use his magic to switch my name to the nice list. Secretly wishing this would earn my favor and allow for his release from chastity.

As for a reward, I removed the chastity cage and allowed for him to get his jollies off all night long.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,