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I love lipstick it’s the perfect way to bring attention to your lips. The best part is just like eyeshadow you can go a little wild on colors if you like, perfect for costumes or just color coordinating a cute outfit. This assignment you can go as crazy or as subtle as you like. Either way for at least a 12 hour period you will need to be wearing this lipstick color. Not lip gloss or chapstick, no loopholes! You know what I mean when I say lipstick. You can pick any color you want. For the bold and brave sissies, I recommend a bright red or dark mauve depending on your skin tone. For the sissies keeping your festivities on the down low pick carefully. You will want to look at the color of your lips and find a shade very similar, so your lipstick color choice will give you a more natural look. So only someone who is truly focusing on your lips would really be able to guess. Which is very unlikely unless you are around people who really like staring at your lips if so that might not be such a bad thing.

Keep In Mind Gorgeous

Of course, you will be required to reapply your lipstick at least 3 times in this 12-hour period. When I’m out and about I freshen up my make-up after a few hours. So even if you are at work, be prepared to carry around your tube all day. Set reminders for yourself on your phone so you don’t forget. Most importantly enjoy yourself, don’t be afraid to take some pics and share with all of us here at Enchantrix Empire.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,


P.S. My lovely femme pets don’t forget about our Sissy Pageant only a few more days left to participate!