Your Sensual Tease Mistress 1-800-601-6975 RileyEveryone dreams with a few exceptions here and there. Whether or not you remember your dreams may be a different story. Dreams are often reflections of wants, desires or any needs that you have within yourself. Consider it your body and your subconscious mind’s way of communicating with you. So what do sex dreams mean? Well, that isn’t just an easy question to just answer because you need to look at the contents of the dream. Obviously, not all sex dreams are about sex, your body doesn’t need a dream to remind yourself that you’re horny. Dreams of you naked in front of others can often indicate your need to be exposed.

Steamy Hot Dreams And Their Meanings

Let’s say for example you dream that you are watching a ballerina who is dancing around you with grace and you love watching her body move about freely. She begins to get closer to you and starts to strip out of her pretty dress and you start to get hot and heavy with the ballerina. You notice in this dream you are practically enjoying her flexibility, being able to bend her body into more pleasurable positions. Now if this is all you remember there is a good chance that you want more self-control in your love life, or you have a partner that you wish would learn to be more flexible with their time. Maybe they work too much or don’t know how to prioritize well and this causes a strain on you. Not saying that you aren’t wanting to fuck a super flexible ballerina but most likely that’s not what your dream is trying to tell you.

Another example you find yourself making love in the moonlight, let’s say on a grassy cliff side with a lover. This could indicate you are with someone who makes you want to take a chance, maybe your considering taking things up a notch in the relationship intimately. Your mind may be agreeing with this idea. If you are able to however to notice the phase of the moon in your dream it gives more to interpret. A waning moon is a sign for letting go and making way for better and new changes. Which means the situation or relationship in your life may be fun and risk-taking but it may be all there is. Could be a warning that in the long run, it’s not very healthy for you.

Let’s Explore

I find sex dreams an interesting topic, as most people don’t pay them a lot of attention. Others sometimes fret over their meanings or make assumptions. So let’s explore these fun little dreams and try to uncover their meanings. Yes, I’m asking you to send or tell me your naughty or vanilla dreams for me to interpret. Could be fun. If they are interesting enough I may just write about it!

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