Spooky fairiesIt was cool 63 degrees in the autumn air as Dalton walked home from the general store. Carrying with him the bag of goodies he purchases per his wife’s request, the sidewalk and street both empty. Lit dimly with the street lamps that gave a slight buzz to the air, as a faint wave of fog was making its way into the area. One moment all was calm but then he felt uneasy. As an eerie silence took over, and suddenly they appeared. Unfortunately, you never know what the spooky fairies bring.

Spooky Fairies Arrive 

Three beautiful women dressed in what appeared to be evening gowns, one of red, one of green, and the one in the middle wore a black gown. Each gown had what appear to be gems, or was it diamonds creating different patterns. Making each dress mesmerizing, Dalton blinked a few times. Surely he just wasn’t paying attention these women didn’t just appear out of thin air. As his mind begin to rationalize he nodded to them planning to just walk on by when they spoke in unison, almost melodically “What is your name?”. He stopped, their voices were beautiful but he couldn’t shake the creepy feeling something was amiss. In fact, he wasn’t even sure he saw their lips move as they spoke. 

Clearing his throat, and puffing out his chest to regain his composure he responded “Why do you need to know my name?” he questioned. Once again they spoke as one “Because we know your secrets, we know about the silver little box you hide in the closet. The one under the shoes, the one you hide from spying eyes and nosy wives” they  giggled, or was it cackling.

For some reason, his mind felt cloudy and a little confused, but his heart pounded. Did they know what was in his lockbox? No, impossible they must be some of his wife’s friends. His third wife was very playful and loved playing little pranks, so he looked them up and down. However he couldn’t place their faces, he knew all of his wife’s friends. He admired them often, the way they walked, their clothes, jewelry, and overall feminine beauty. “Come on give us your name” they chanted at him again. Satisfying himself with the belief they had to be friends of his wife he foolishly responded with a sigh “It’s Dalton, now may I go home now. My wife is waiting for me”.

Nothing Amiss At All…

The lights along the street flickered as their laughter filled it melodically, taunts filled his ears. As quickly as they had appeared the three mysterious women were gone. The buzzing of the lights returned, and all seemed normal. Yet his nerves were not at rest, and his mind was on his secret little box. Had his wife found out and sent some friends to tease him. He soon broke out into a brisk walk to get quickly home. How was he supposed to know he had just encountered three spooky faires of mischief?

Dalton burst through the door only to find his wife was calmly on the couch, sipping wine and reading one of those trashy romance novels. This was nothing abnormal but he still needed to check. Calmly placing the bag of goodies on the table he went to his room, telling her he was heading to bed early. He undressed, and when he was sure she hadn’t followed him into the bedroom, he went into their closet. Turning on the light, and he knelt on the floor and pulled out his lockbox. Nervously, he entered the code.

With a beep and a click, it opened, revealing his treasure troves of panties, soft garments, and a couple of dildos. Most items were acquired from his previous wives. Their garments, and toys, which he hid away for his own pleasure. With a reassured sigh, he closed the box, tucked it away, and went to bed. However, as he drifted into a deep sleep, the laughter of the three mysterious women consumed his mind. 

A New Day A New Life

In his dreams, he encountered the three spooky fairies once more. “Sissy Boy! Sissy Boy!” The ladies teased. They said that his wish had come true, that he already agreed and it had been granted. All they had needed was his name. A feeling of confusion washed over him until they began to chant again and again, “A cock for a clit, a cock for a clit”. 

He bolted awake, the sun was just beginning to come up as he stumbled clumsily out of bed and into the bathroom. Half-awake, he reached for his cock only to find none. A jolt of shock awoke him as he touched himself, feeling a pussy with a little bush. In a panic, he grabbed at his chest only to feel supple perky soft breasts. Looking over to the bathroom mirror, he saw what was a beautiful female version of himself staring back. With his heart pounding he opened the closet door to see it filled with beautiful dresses, blouses, skirts, all familiar to him. Each article of clothing was once something he admired either from a magazine or on someone like his wife or one of her many friends. “Come back to bed Dana” called a warm deep voice. 

Blessing Or A Curse? 

Dana slowly looked out of the bathroom to find a man in the bed, with a 9” stiffy waiting. He was handsome and Dana felt a bit wet between her new soft feminine legs. “Good morning beautiful”. Slowly he began to stroke his cock “Aren’t you going to take care of this sweetheart? It is our anniversary, after all, I promise to return the favor” he said, admiring Dana’s feminine body. Licking her lips, Dana entered the bed. As her bare skin pressed against the mattress, she smiled ready to finally embrace her new life as a woman. Leaving the question up in the air as to whether the spooky fairies actually left her with a blessing or a curse.  

Happy Halloween! 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,