Assignment Time!

Now, this isn’t a big assignment like I know you sissy pets are craving. However, it will be important for me planning future assignments that you participate in this Sissy inquiry. I am posting up a poll on Enchantrix Empire. I will like for you all to go and answer feel few to click here to be taken right to it. So if it isn’t already obvious your assignment is to go and answer the poll.

Sissy Inquiry

The reason for this little sissy inquiry is because I want to craft assignments that will allow everyone to participate if they so choose but also be made to fit everyone’s interest. As well as sometimes lead you to try new things that you have never done at all!

I know this is a small assignment and probably not what you were expecting with me being away so long. I promise I have a juicy one coming up so don’t you worry girlies! However, I believe in the long run this will help with coming up with fun new ideas! So be good and make sure to get your sweet voice is counted and if you don’t participate then the alternative is a firm hard spanking!

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress