When it comes to cuckolding ever situation and relationship tend to be a bit different, so is the cuck shame. Does every cuck get it? A little of yes, and a little of no. Personally I don’t have enough data to really say. My opinion is you are more likely to experience cuck shame when you are just beginning or exploring a cuckold relationship. Being in a cuckold relationship requires maturity both emotionally and mentally. So I’m going to discuss cuck shame, and how to handle it so it doesn’t get in the way of what could be an amazing adventure for your relationship. 

What Is Cuck Shame?

Cuck ShameIn the moment it’s hot seeing your significant other be pleasured by another man right before you eyes. She’s moaning, begging for more, all while shooting you naughty smiles as you stroke watching her shine. Everything is amazing…then you nut. Of course the orgasm fills fantastic but just caused you finish doesn’t mean they are. Cuckold relationships are a two way street each side gets to finish, unless clearly stated otherwise. I’ve heard enough stories from men that share in that moment they get the afterthought of being secondary. Of feeling jealous, often leaving the room trying to ignore that their partner is still in the throws of passion with someone else. 

So why is that such a problem? Well consider how likely are you going to want to do that again. Over and over again if the end result makes you feel a little bad. Or what if when your partner is telling you how amazing it was, and you let that effect you in a negative way. Giving into jealous thoughts making the adventures of your bedroom become just a two person party once more. I don’t want that, and you shouldn’t either so below is steps to use to navigate a blossoming cuckold relationship, and perhaps strengthen current ones. 

Start Your Cuckold Relationship Strong

The number one thing you should always do with your partner before bringing in a bull is TALK! Set boundaries make sure both of you voice what you want out of the arrangement. Talk about forms of birth control, any other safety precautions. The most important part for the cuck is knowing how much you want to be involved. Will you be a watcher, a fluffer, clean-up duty?

Focus on what you want your role to be and don’t worry it’s common for them to evolve over time. After boundaries are out the way I believe it’s important that the both of you look for a bull together. You will want a bull who is understanding and very aware of the situation. You don’t not want to invite a bull who has no respect for your relationship, this can make for very messy circumstances. Often cucks will be a liaison for their partner and the bull for a while in the beginning to make sure this line of respect is clear. 

Now for a big important piece of advice I have to offer to avoid cuck shame would be to have some control. Most cuck shame can come by feeling dirty and cast aside when you jerk off for five minutes, and they are still going another thirty minutes to an hour.  So you should aim to not quickly jerk off and then leave. Giving it the cheap and easy approach is not giving the cuckold lifestyle a positive start. Focus on edging if you are a watcher, focus on touching and tasting them if you are fluffer, and save your pleasure until she’s clean if your clean-up duty. The most fun you will have would be a mix of all three in my opinion but don’t start with all roles at once. Ease into things are you own pace and comfort levels.

Remember Aftercare To Curb Cuck Shame

Remember intimacy aftercare, after having time with you bull once he leaves make sure to have connection afterwards. Almost immediately if possible it could be your own roll in the hay. Or naked cuddling giggling and teasing each other about the night. Make sure to enhance the connection between your base relationship to keep the cuck shame at bay. Why would you let those negative thoughts in when there’s a warm loving and emotional moment right in front of you. 

Cuck shame is natural as we live in a society that for decades pushed traditional relationship norms. So it’s only natural trying something the differs is often met with judgement. Just remember the only opinions that really matter are yours and your partners when your sex life is involved. 


Sensual Tease Mistress Riley