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Everyone Is Special

No two people are the same. You could be cloned and I bet you, even the two of you would be different. Why is it so hard for some people to accept others? Technically¬†asking that question¬†answers itself in a way. I myself find it hard to understand people who are closed minded. Especially the ones who are aggressive and mean about it. I get an urge to argue with them and attempt to prove to them why their logic and hatred makes no sense. I do this again and again even though I know it never works. Maybe I’m hoping just once I can get through to someone, make a little less hate in the world. Too many people hurt over being who they are when a thing as simple as acceptance could make their whole world. I’m sure some of you are wondering why am I ranting about acceptance. It’s because of a story told to me by a sissy recently and I would like to share it.

So this particular sissy likes to dress up and enjoys the fantasy of being a woman. However always kept that part of him separate from a lot of his life. He was dating a woman who claimed she was open-minded. It would seem that she was. They often in the bedroom when roleplay kinky situation, some cuckolding mostly, she even pegged him once. Well after about a year he felt that he could share this part of him with her and showed her his special closet in the office filled with frilly clothes, and even a small vanity. She flipped. Suddenly all she could say was faggot, and gay. That he wasn’t right in the head, that something was wrong with him. This was obviously very devastating for him, and unfortunately, it got worse. She left and told as many people as she could, of course only telling her side. The side painted in a way that made him seem like a total pervert. Living in a conservative state this made him fearful, and he lost many friends. In the end, he moved. Completely uprooted his life just to feel safe.

Don’t Be A Dick!

It honestly breaks my heart hearing that someone had to start their life over again because they confided a part of themselves to another. If something someone does is a problem for you, simply ask them not to do it around you or you may choose to not talk to them. But do not be hateful and make things hard on them. Just cause someone has a kink you don’t understand, doesn’t make them wrong, stupid, or disturbed. Everyone should live their lives to the fullest. Be the best you loves!

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress