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Your Sensual Tease Mistress Riley 1-800-601-6975Well, you probably know all too well the feeling when you cock gets rock hard. But if it gets to this state by staring at the Venus de Milo then you have something in common with those in the agalmatophilia category. Then again you could just have no self-control and anything with a lovely pair of breast arouses you. So maybe not a great example. 

What to know what agalmatophilia is? Agalmatophilia can be a pretty funny fetish when you start thinking of all the places you go that you’ll need to wear tighter underwear. It’s a fetish were any inanimate objects depicting humans gives you that special tingling in your pants. Giving you a whole different reason to go window shopping. 

Obviously, it requires a bit of imagination to truly fulfill the fantasies of any agalmatophilies but I think I could be up for the challenge. 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress