talk like a ladyWelcome to your first assignment of the sissy school year! Make sure you read the previous lesson first and listen to the audio. This one is an easy one and there are two options. Going to go over how to talk like a lady. If you are more secretive about your sissy ways then you will want to partake in the first options. If you have a supportive friend, mistress, or partner you can easily do option number two! This is also something you can do again and again to perfect how to talk like a lady. Have fun and enjoy girlies. 

Talk Like A Lady Assignment- Option One

For this assignment, you need a safe space and a mirror. You’re going to start with a small sentence and then build on it. As you build upon the starter sentence you should remember what was talked about in the previous lesson. 

Picking your starter sentence. Think about one of your more hectic days and then you’re going to describe that day from your inner femme perception. So starting out, think of it as you start out with a small male version and then you build on it. For example, a good starter sentence would be “Today was just one of those days”. Then get in your safe zone with your mirror and watch yourself transform throughout your storytelling. 

Full Example Of How It Might Go. 

“Today was just one of those days, felt like it was never-ending” 

“For starters, my new white blouse was done in by noon thanks to a slight spill with the new dark roast I was trying out. Ended up burning my tongue a little, causing the spill. So I had to go quickly change, luckily I found another white shirt so I didn’t completely throw off my look…etc”

Keep it going until you have spoken every little detail that comes to mind. Notice how you might talk with your hands, and what details made you excited to share. Then you can repeat this focusing more on pacing, and pronunciation on the more key details. Change up your tone during parts of your story to show your emotions with your words.

A bonus tip is this can be really fun to do while you are testing out applying make-up. Since you are already in the femme mindset this will greatly enhance the experience. 

Talk Like A Lady Assignment- Option Two

Option two is exactly the same as option one, except this encourages you to have a practice this femme talk with someone else. This can be your partner, or mistress, or even just a supportive friend that doesn’t mind you doing a little rambling. Sit down and tell them about your day. 

Don’t hold back adding in those little details. Especially if you’re talking about clothes or a shopping experience. Gush about what excites you with them. Before starting a conversation, politely ask them to wait until you have signaled your story is over. This is because when you’re sitting down to focus you may occasionally have some pauses while you think over what or how you wish to say something. And it’s best no one interrupts you during that process. So definitely make sure they are aware that you are participating in an exercise.

After completing your story signal you are ready to discuss, listen to their input and feel free to continue a conversation about your story. Before finishing up ask these three questions and consider their input going forward. 

  1. Did I sound more feminine?
  2. Did I do a good job sharing my story with you?
  3. Would you consider having some girl talk with me again? 

Another suggestion for if you do option two and happen to be in the third tier of sissy school, include those responses in your journal entry for that week. 

Have Fun Girls!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress Riley