My Anniversary MonthA little late on the announcing but it snuck up on me too, it’s my ANNIVERSARY MONTH!! I’m celebrating three years of being a part of LDW and looking forward to the many more to follow! The relationships I’ve established with many of you have been a blessing, and I’m so happy to be able to have so much with all of you as much as I can. So I’m doing two things to spice things up for this month! 


For my anniversary month if you place at least 3 calls with me over the month of August I will make you a personalized audio just for you to enjoy! This means one call on three different days in August will earn you an audio from me running 6-10 minutes long. Refer to my schedule for the best times to catch me! 


Below I’m going to post 3 questions about myself. If you get at least one question right you will earn 5 free minutes added on to any call this month! If you answer all three questions correctly you will win 10 free minutes added on to any paid call with me this month! To answer these questions you MUST email me your answers! DO NOT COMMENT YOUR ANSWERS BELOW. Sending your answers to I will respond letting you know if you have won any minutes and the instructions on how to redeem them. 

  1. What is my third favorite color? Answer= Yellow
  2. Using just my fingers how quickly in minutes can I achieve an orgasm? Answer= 3 minutes
  3. What is something that happens to me when I sneeze? Answer= My nipples harden

Answers will be revealed at the end of the month just in case trivia ever comes around again 😉 

Good Luck Earning Goodies During My Anniversary Month!

I look forward to all your responses and all the fun to be had this month. I’m certainly excited. For those who can’t catch me during my hours feel free to reach out and request an appointment I’ll do my best to accommodate if I can. 

Your Sensual Tease Mistress,