Sissy Doll For A GiantessWelcome to my collection little beauty, do you have what it takes to become a sissy doll for a giantess? You will be well cared for daily, as long as you are a good dolly of course. Make-overs and outfit changes are going to occur often and you will often interact with other tiny sissies like you. So please do be friendly, there are punishments for catty behavior and you don’t want to be cast out of the dollhouse. With your tiny size, you would hardly last very long out on your own. So let me break down what life is like in my dollhouse. 

Touring The Dollhouse

Each sissy doll gets her own room. Filled with the tiny accessories you need for your daily enjoyment and assignments. There are dozens of little clit cages for you to choose from, butt-plugs, lingerie that is always updated as I see fit. Stockings, pantyhose, more naughty toys and that is just in half of the walk-in closet. The other half is filled with outfits I expect you to model on a daily basis based on the household activities that I order. Of course, your room itself has a comfy bed, dresser, and even a shoe rack. Outfits and shoes are normally changed out every week. Wouldn’t want my dolls wearing the same thing that would be boring. 

Now the most important thing is the household activities. As a sissy doll, it’s your responsibility to do chores assigned to you and participate in all activities. I’m very watchful and performing well gets you out of the house to play with me personally. No I know with me being much bigger than you it can be intimidating but I promise it’s a privilege to come out of the house to serve me. Often times I like to test your sissy slut skills by having little naughty toys to test out on you, image me dangling a dildo in front of your face and watching you jump around with your mouth open for a taste. It’s a fun game I promise, and there will be many more like them.

Teamwork is required to become a sissy doll for a giantess!

In your closet, you will also find a water-proof little maid outfit. Every other day I pick five lucky sissy dolls to work together and bathe me. Being able to swim is crucial as many sissy dolls tend to fall into the bathwater quite often. After each bath, you are to also dry me. After work with your team to apply my favorite lotion to my freshly clean skin. This is often quite tiring due to my large size. However, you knew what you signed up for when you begged to become a sissy doll for a giantess. 

Now that you know a bit more about what is required do you think you are ready to take on such a position? Being a sissy doll for a giantess means you will be putting in a lot of work, serving, dressing, and taking care of my every wish. If so then you should request an interview right away, rooms will be filling up very soon! 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,