As most of you know the month of January is my birthday month! Which means I just got to do something special so I am! This upcoming month you will have the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for goodies. Throughout the whole month of January, however sign-up is required! This is to help make it easier to keep track of your points earned and so I know you are participating. If you do not sign-up then I will not be counting you as participating, to sign-up just click here and submit the needed info. 

How To Earn PointsBirthday Month

Earning points is super easy to do! Below you will see what you can do and how much points you will be rewarded for doing so! HUGE REMINDER you do not start accruing points until January 1st, however sign-up to participate is open now. You must sign up before you can start collecting points as well. So if you wait until January 15th but did calls, comments, or made purchases before you signed up they will not count. So make sure the first thing you do is sign-up! 

  • 5 Points for commenting on any of my blogs no matter how old or new. (Once per blog, and previous comments are not counted only comments made in January will count!) 
  • 10 Points for every 10 minutes spent in session with me. I will be keeping track of the minutes so don’t worry if for example you do two separate 15 minute sessions that will still earn you 30 points!
  • 20 points for any purchase of my audios, assignments or email packages with me from the audio or assignment stores. 
  • 25 Points for any custom audio order

Redeeming Points

After you rack up enough points during my birthday month you can redeem them at any time for one of these 5 prizes! 

  • 50 Points- Free Audio Of Mine From the Store Valued $30 or less
  • 75 Points- Free a 5 Minute Custom Audio
  • 80 Points- Free 20 sexting/Skype session
  • 100 Points- Get My Mini-Masturbation Challenge Audio For Free Valued at $69 is a 20 minute Masturbation Audio
  • 125 Points- Get a free 10 minute custom audio

If you have any questions you can always reach out to me at and I’d be happy to answer your questions. So let’s plan on 2024 having a fantastic start and celebrating my birthday month with lots of kinky fun! 

Your Sensual Tease Mistress