As 2022 comes to a close it’s time to look to a bright brand new year with your tease mistress! As some of you are aware January is my birthday month, so I’m celebrating all month long with YOU! All goodies will be shared below, as well as some new changes and happens for us in the New Year. 

New Set Schedule And Skype

New schedule is up and posted here. As always I do my best to keep it up to date with limited changes. My schedule will be this for the whole month of January but subject to change come February.

As a tease mistress I understand one of the hottest things I can do is watch you over Skype. Now that I’m more settled back into my routine and have more time I no longer will be requiring appointments for Skype calls. It’s of course great to be prepared and plan ahead but if you see me available for calls that will mean I’m available for all types of calls going forward. That being said anyone who does attempt to call me with out a session via Skype especially if I’m currently with another will be blocked automatically. Which will require you emailing me or calling me to go over Skype etiquette to get unblocked. Having access to my Skype is a privilege, abuse it and you will lose it. 

Want A Custom Erotic Audio From A Tease Mistress?

I offer custom audios! So if you’ve been considering getting one or wasn’t sure if I do them, well I certainly do. For custom erotic audio orders with a script I can have your audio completed in 3 days. If you do not provide a script the turn around time will be no more then 5 days. Once I receive confirmation of your order I will reach out to confirm the deliver date. So you will be aware every step of the way. 

My Birthday Treats

Tease Mistress

In true tease mistress spirit I have arranged ways to tempt and tease you all month long! So pay attention and make sure you don’t miss the benefits you can have if you play, serve, worship, or goon for me all throughout January. 

Jan 1st – 7th- Don’t you wanna start your new year with doubling your pleasure? I bet you do. I have a naughty threesome audio I’m giving away to all callers this week who do a two girl call with me and any other mistress. Isn’t that hot? A two mistress call, and a steamy audio in one go will certainly perk you up. 

Jan 8th – 15th- Here’s an excuse to spend a little extra time with me for the second week of January. All calls get a free five minutes added to a 10 minute or more call when you leave your call open. Redeemable once a day.

Jan 11th – The day I graced this wonderful Earth for the first time. Call to tell me Happy Birthday on a 20 minute call or more and get 10 extra free! Can not be used with the free 5 minutes for week two. Redeemable one call per person on this day.

Jan 16th – 31st –  I do love a great giveaway contest, and I do find it arousing to make you work for it. For week three and four all ten minute calls or sexting sessions earn you an entry to win a free custom 10 minute audio. There will be 4 winners from this drawing make. Sure I have a way to connect with you either via Skype or Email. Winners will be contacted February 1st for claiming their free custom. 

Spoil Your Tease Mistress

Well it is my birthday month of course I’m going to direct you to where and how to spoil me this mouth. You can always send me a gift card from my Amazon Wishlist here or get me a gift off my Throne Wishlist here. Of course virtual bouquets are always welcomed as well. I’m so looking forward in making this our best year together yet! 


Sensual Tease Mistress Riley