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Of course, you can! However I never actually knew for myself how easy it can or can not be. So I’m in the middle of an experiment right now, using my boyfriend as a test subject. Obviously, he doesn’t know what I’m up too and I will be keeping it that way for now…

How I have my orgasm control experiment set up is very casual, one that he could but most likely won’t notice is going on. My hypothesis is by controlling his orgasms he will become more obedient and stop doing things that I find annoying or unhelpful. I’m starting with a low bar, every three days I am permitting him to have an orgasm. I of course control when and how this orgasm is achieved. Now that he is staying with me it’s a lot easier to make sure he isn’t sneaking off to masturbate, however, sometimes I let him get started and I find ways to interrupt his personal time.

Every second day I play a little game with him called “For Me”. This is meant to get him excited but keep all the sexually pleasure focused on me. He is to pleasure me himself with my toys or anything he likes other than his cock, stroking during this time is allowed but he’s not allowed to cum. As that would defeat the purpose of “For Me” time.

My Data So Far: Week Of 1/20/2019

The orgasm control experiment is off to a good start. Here are some quick notes collected over the week each day. No big noticeable changes so far.

Sunday- We spent a relaxing day together, he got a little playful when cuddling on the couch I had fun putting him down gently. He still needed to wait a day.

Monday- Waited for him to get home, cooked his favorite meal of steak with mushroom and onions sauteed on the side served with rolls and salad. He spent a couple of hours playing video games, leaving me to clean up dinner, start laundry. I dressed in a cute purple and black bra and panties after my bath and called him into the room. Laying on the bed when he came into the room, he eagerly got undressed and joined me. One orgasm for him, two for me.

Tuesday- Same as previous night I cooked, he ate, no help with clean up. I joined him in a couple of games and we flirted, however, kept my distance remembering I had an experiment to run. So I excused myself and had some phone fun <3.

Wednesday- He’s first big test with orgasm control. We played “For me” he struggled a little bit with the concept of not being able to cum. He got himself close stroking a few times, as he played with me. The number of orgasms for me, 3. The number for him 0. 🙂

Thursday- Very similar to Monday. However, after dinner, I invited him to take a shower with me. I enjoy a bit of shower sex from time to time. Both of us finished and then snuggled in bed.

Friday- I teased him in the morning only to deny him and said I would make up for it later. Of course, later I was engaged in some phone fun while he was left his games. Sometimes I would get loud on purpose to rub it in. 😛

Saturday- Around noon he went to take a shower but I had a feeling. Listening at the door and could hear he was definitely watching something, so I knocked on the door and let the desperate hide the phone attempt ensue before knocking a second time and entering the bathroom. Catching the shower door closing when I walked in. I explained that I needed to do my make up before we were to go out after his shower. We spent the rest of Saturday out with friends, I had my phone fun after I got home and he went to bed early obviously frustrated. Unfortunately, no time to play “For Me”.

Will share my data and updates in the coming weeks.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,