Are you curious about captive submission? Would you like to learn more about this exciting method of servitude for submissives like yourself? If so, read on because this post is for you!

I’ll Catch You

After you’ve been captured, the first thing that will happen to you is that you’ll be fitted for a collar. This collar is there to show that you’re owned and not free to captured by someone else. Should someone else attempt to capture you while you’re wearing my collar, you should immediately let me know, and I’ll take care of it.

This collar is a symbol of your captive submission. It’s proof that you’ve been caught by me and that you belong to me. This is the first physical symbol of you being owned by me.

The leash I attach to your collar will be the second physical symbol of you being owned by me. This leash serves multiple purposes. For one, it makes sure you don’t make the mistake of trying to run away. For another, it shows how well-mannered you are for me, that you can walk placidly at the end of a leash for me. And, of course, it also reinforces your captive submission in your mind.

Get In Your Cage

Another symbol of your captive submission will be the cage I put you in sometimes. When you’re in my house, you may sometimes be free to more or less do as you please, as long as you’re always ready to obey any orders I may think of for you. But other times, it might please me to cage you and lock you up. Perhaps I’ll keep you in your cage beside my desk while I take care of some things. I might even feed you tidbits by hand as you lie in your cage. That will definitely serve to remind you of your place!

On the other hand, I do have a specially-made bed for my captive pets. The bed part is for me, of course. But the frame is lifted far enough off the ground that a cage will fit perfectly underneath it. So there is a very good possibility that I’ll toss a pet bed into your cage with a blanket and slide the entire cage–with you in it–under my bed at bedtime. That way, I know exactly where you are at all times during the night. Plus, you’ll be safe under there. Nobody will bother you.

But as much fun as keeping you in a cage is, we both know it won’t be necessary after a very short period of time. Soon, your mind will become accustomed to your captive submission. Then, you won’t even think of doing anything but waiting obediently for me to tell you what to do. I’ll give you a little more freedom once you get to this point. That’s because I know you’ve mentally accepted your captivity and won’t do anything that’s contrary to it.

The same thing goes for the leash. I won’t necessarily keep you on it at all times. When it amuses me to have you wear it, I will. But the rest of the time, you’ll be without it. I’m not afraid you’re going to run away. You’re much better-trained than that!

Enjoying Captive Submission

The collar, however, will remain as a symbol of your captive submission, long after you have accepted your lot in life as my captive pet. I like the way you look in it, for one. And for another, I think you should have a small reminder of my ownership over you on you at all times.

The benefits of captive submission are many. You will never have to worry about another Mistress or Master poaching you from me in the beginning, as you will be bound to me at all times. You’ll also learn to enjoy being kept as a pet for me. You won’t have to worry about making decisions or taking care of yourself because I’ll handle all that. Your cage will always be a safe place for you to lay your head and know that you are being cared for properly.

Once you come to accept your captive submission, I’ll start training you in the ways that I like to be served. You’ll get to spend more time uncaged and unleashed, in your collar only (no clothes, of course). You’ll become adept at many new life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and serving as a stunt booty for my various spanking implements. You might even start getting some sexual release at some point, too, if you do a good enough job of pleasing me.

I look forward to keeping you in captive submission!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress