Hi, guys, let’s talk one of my favorite things today: CFNM stripping. This can mean many things, naturally, but today, I’d like to talk about it in the context of cam sessions. As you know, I offer one-way Skype cam sessions, and one of the things I really enjoy having you do on cam for me is CFNM stripping.

Sure, you can show up to your cam session naked. There’s nothing wrong with that, and plenty of guys do it. But consider, if you will, the benefits of stripping on cam for me. You get to entice me by taking off one piece of clothing at a time and showing off each part of your body to me. You can even do some stripper dancing in there, too, if you want. If you look silly, I have to admit, I’ll probably laugh. But I bet you’ll be laughing, too, so it’ll be more a matter of laughing *with* you than laughing *at* you!

More To Do After The Clothes Come Off

Of course, just stripping on cam is not the only thing you can do when it comes to CFNM stripping. The getting naked for me part is just the beginning. There are plenty of ways for you to amuse me when you’re on cam. Cocksucking, for instance!

No, I don’t mean you have to bring your boyfriend on cam with you. I’m more than happy to watch you suck on a dildo for my pleasure. It pleases me to watch you move your mouth up and down the length of that dildo like the cocksucking slut you no doubt are. And then, there’s always the possibility of putting that dildo elsewhere, further along in the session, too….

Another thing I really enjoy in the context of CFNM stripping is having you get naked and take jerk-off instructions from me. JOI is another big favorite of mine. I like giving guided masturbation instructions over the phone, but I really love doing it via cam sessions because it means I get to watch you follow my instructions. It’s not that I don’t think you’re obeying me when I give you JOI over the phone, but I like being able to make sure you’re doing it correctly. And then, too, it’s just fun to watch you do it!

At the end of your JOI session comes the cum eating part. This is another fun part of CFNM stripping. I love giving cum eating instructions–CEI–just as much as I love giving jerk-off instructions. It’s exciting to me to watch you lick every drop of it off your fingers for me or to give yourself a facial while I look on with pride. I absolutely adore it!

CFNM Stripping Can Lead To Dressing!

Another aspect of CFNM stripping that a lot of guys don’t think about is feminization. Just because you’re taking off your guy clothes for me on cam doesn’t mean you can’t put on sexy girl clothes afterwards. I like helping a sissy dress up, especially if she has several different outfits to choose from. It can be so much fun to have her point her cam at her closet or dresser drawer and pick something for her to put on for me. It’s like having my own personal little  doll.

And once you get all girly-ed up, we can go back to some of the other things that I mentioned earlier in this post. You can suck cock for me while I watch you as you’re dressed in that sexy French maid’s outfit. You can rub your clitty for me as I tell you how to do it and then how to eat your own cum for me when you’re finished. You can even fuck yourself for me if you’re so inclined. I would love to see.

What Does It Mean For You?

CFNM stripping can mean so many different things. And honestly, I’ve barely even scratched the surface with the many and varied things we can do while you’re naked on cam for me. There’s edging, CBT, nipple play, spanking, so many different things! It all depends on what your inclinations are and what kind of mood I’m in. I want to see different things at different times, you know?

What kinds of things do you like to do on cam after you’ve performed your CFNM stripping routine for me? Have I mentioned your favorite here, or did I leave out something you really love? I would definitely like to hear what you enjoy doing on cam for me. So please, feel free to leave me a comment about it or give me a call to tell me more. I think we can have great fun together with your CFNM stripping, so let’s get started soon!

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress