“Ring, Ring”. Upon answering the phone the sultry voice of Mrs. Claus came through the phone “Good evening Riley, sorry to disturb you on such a chilly night but our elves are in dire need of the Christmas Giantess. It’s peak season for toy making and they could really use moral boost”. Thus my journey to the North Pole began with no delay, as I couldn’t allow Christmas to suffer from elf burnout. 

Christmas Giantess Brings Joy To The Tiny Elves

Christmas GaintessUpon my arrival I was quickly taken to a bath. To soak in a warm bath of coconut milk and peppermints. The steam carried the aroma all throughout the large building. Which housed both the toy making facilities and the housing for the holiday elves. Whispers of the Christmas giantess arrival had begun which was made obviously known. As half-way through my soak the sounds of Christmas songs begin to fill my ears. As I exited the bath, a group of special elves where granted the privilege to help prepare me for the others.  They came in carrying tiny ladders and small towel cloths as I sat waiting on a plush rug. With steam raising from my skin, and some peppermint water droplets sliding down my body. 

The tiny elves bowed and quickly got to work using their tiny towel to pat dry by skin. Placing their ladders against my skin as carefully as possible to help climb my body to continue drying me. It was no secret they were trying to finishing drying me quickly. All so they could start oiling me up for the upcoming festivities. None of this I minded especially when the snack elves arrived. Serving me delicious handmade chocolate truffles from Mrs. Claus herself. The most delicious treats I’ve ever eaten has come from her kitchen. It’s unfortunate that one of her tiny helpers fell into my mouth on a couple of occasions. If I didn’t know any better I would think he enjoying being covered in melted chocolate and spit out in front of his peers. 

The Tiny Elves Celebrate Along My Body

The elves continued to bring out the special holiday scented body oil to start spread along every inch of my body. The panting sounds they made as their tiny hands massaged my naked skin made me chuckle. Despite their sizes I could still see the tiny bulges in their green tights. Once my flesh glistened and I smelled like a true goddess of the season. I dismissed my tiny helpers and told them to tell their brethren to prepare. As I gave them a few minutes to prepare, I approached the vanity waiting for me added a few touch ups. I sprinkled powder sugar in my hair, and grabbed a couple of jingle bells to tie around my hardened nipples. Finally I reached for the plush pine green robe and draped it over my body, prepared for my grand entrance. 

As I entered the play-room hundreds of tiny naked elves stood erect staring up at me. All in awe and amazement. I dropped my robe to the ground and let the light glisten and tease them with my skin. I slide down to may knees and placed my hands to the floor to act like a platform for the little elves. 5 in each hand quickly jump in with skis, giggling and pointing to my breast. A famous pass time to ski down the Christmas giantess bust is said to bring a year of good luck. I would not deny this tiny worker of such a honor. Giggling as each one slid down the top of my breast and off my nipples causing the bells to jingle, then landing cleanly on the little runway before me. 

I began to stick my legs out for my tiny feet worshipper who every year give me festive pedicure. While of course rubbing their tiny naked bodies between my toes, and soles of my feet. Despite their little shenanigan’s they really do a fantastic job, leaving me gorgeous designs that are hard to have replicated by anyone else! The night carried on for hours with singing, as tiny little elf men worshipping every part of me they could reach. 

Until Next Year

Soon evening turned to early morning, and the tiny elves were starting to pass out from the excitement and bottles of peppermint mead they had consumed. Eventually I found myself curling up on the warm plush rugs with them. Letting each one of them curl up on or around my body for a long restful sleep. Knowing that once they waked they would be fueled with energy and high moral to take on the large work load ahead of them. 

From the Christmas Giantess Ms. Riley! 

Have a very Merry Christmas!