I do believe I will be pinning this post up for a while. I debated on whether or not to make a post about this problem cause I wasn’t sure how to really go about explaining. So I’m just going to spew it all out and what will be, will be.  I have a status message up on my Skype to email me, because I don’t really like using Skype unless I’m watching someone. My status message is often times ignored and when I pull up Skype or get into a session I get a lot of unnecessary messages. The reason I don’t like Skype is having it open slows down some programs I rather have running while I’m working. Then if left open too long when I go back to Skype it sometimes freezes up or acts slow. This is super annoying after a few months of trying to keep up with it.

My INBOX Is Always Open

I say this all the time. Every day my email is always open when I’m available. As long as I’m not working on something else or in a session with someone else I will respond. Yes sometimes I may open a message and in the middle of responding get into a session and I forget to finish or send. If that happens then it’s fine to send another email after a day. I do not like feeling like I’m being spammed cause you are being needy or you actually feel entitled to my free time. I take an interest in anyone who is respectful to my wishes. Trust me it’s a joy to communicate about our next session or talk about assignments outside of sessions, this does not bother me. That needs to be made clear but please email me or else you could just not get a response.

My sweet pets I appreciate you all and this post doesn’t involve most of you, but some others need a hefty reminder it seems.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress