Cum Eating HesitationThis one goes out to all the wanna be cum-eaters that are still trying to get over their cum eating hesitation. One of my favorite things is instructing you to consume your own load for me, and when you chicken out again and again. Kind of kills the magic for me, so my big mission for 2023 is to stomp out this cum eating hesitation! I know it’s very ambitious but can’t blame a girl for trying. 

What Is Cum?

Let’s break it down scientifically. Another word for cum is semen and according to “Healthline” a teaspoons of semen can contain anywhere from 5 to 25 calories. It’s filled with proteins, sugars, and even vitamins and minerals. The value of each really depends on factors that are to hard to study as every male has different eating habits, lifestyles as well as masturbatory habits. So simple put devouring your own cum isn’t unhealthy at all in fact it actually has nutritional value. 

So I find the fact that eating cum is slightly good for you that should be a pro in why you should eat your cum. The other benefits of eating your own cum, well let’s see there is easy clean up. Don’t need to dirty a shirt, towel or terrorize those poor innocent socks whose only job should be to keep your feet warm. Simple ejaculate into your hand and consume as a healthy snack. Cum eating hesitation be damned! Let’s not forget the ultimate reason to hungrily swallow your cum, it would make your mistress very happy. 

The Main Culprit Of Cum Eating Hesitation

The reason most of you give for not eating it as instructed or hanging up before I can even make sure you follow through is “it’s gross mistress”. So tell me do you fancy yourself a hypocrite. It’s gross when you do it, but totally hot when I do it? Totally hot when your wife and girlfriend swallows your hot cum load. However if it comes to you doing it suddenly your all “ewww gross.”.

Another reason you think it makes you less then a man. Well in my opinion when men say they are going to do something and then bail out at the last second they aren’t much of a man at all. Real men know how to be accountable. Apparently eating your own cum takes some real balls so I guess for all you failed cum-eaters I have bigger balls then each and ever one of you. So disappoint me again and you will be invited to suck them!

In conclusion, see how proper I’m being about cum eating. That’s cause it’s important to me. Don’t tell me you are going to eat your cum, or you want me to help you eat your cum if you actually have no intention of working on it. Cause after the 50th time it gets old and I become bored and less excited. So genuinely work on overcoming your cum eating hesitation or find a new way to excite me


Sensual Tease Mistress Riley