Sensual Teasing Mistress RileyListen Up Strokers!

Edging is an activity you need to be including in your masturbation habits. Some of you like those quick little sessions with yourself but you’re not doing yourself any favors. Recently I read a study from a few years back that the average male only lasted a little over five and a half minutes inside of a woman. Trust me as a sexually active woman this is a very disappointing number.  Don’t worry though with some self-control while doing your favorite activity, you don’t have to be another disappointing 5 minutes.

Maintain Consistent Edging Habits

Now you certainly will not become a marathon man overnight. True self-control must be learned. Which is why you should set small goals at a time and stick with them. Pay attention to your average stroking time and double it. Learn when to slow down or completely stop for a minute or two. Try to learn how long you can be right on the edge before you have to stop and do it often! It seems easy, right? Well not always, cause you always get to a point that you just don’t want to stop. But you must! You’ll be tempted to give yourself a little “cheat day”, but don’t instead reach out to someone who can keep you on track. After all, that is what your mistress is for. To make sure you don’t give in to those bad little habits of yours.

Why should you be edging? What is in it for you? Of course, you want to know what’s in it for you. It’s not just about being better in bed, it’s also about having better orgasms. That fun stick of yours is sensitive and the longer it’s stimulated the bigger the reward. So I think it’s time to start pushing you down the right path of self-control and amazing orgasms! Not like you could really complain.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress