Your Sensual Tease Mistress 1-800-601-6975The Last Two Weeks

So I was updating my progress of controlling his orgasms weekly but not a lot to note during the last couple of weeks. I’m going on day 13 since I last had sex, I’ll be honest as a sexual person it’s be a little hard to avoid temptation. Luckily I’ve had a few steamy calls and some just for me play with the test subject to help scratch that itch. I know he is suspicious that I’m up to something but he doesn’t know that I’m on a mission to control his orgasms.  He definitely gets more desperate as each day passes, it’s sometimes hard not to laugh at his attempts to seduce me. I mean I’m just trying to control his orgasms not hurt his self-esteem I shouldn’t laugh. It’s just really hard not too.

Noticeable Behavior Changes

One very notable change is he’s desperation. The longer he goes without release the more affectionate and play he becomes. My boyfriend has at times be more proactive getting things done around the house and even running a few errands either with me or for me. Something I find very interesting is I often catch him talking about me to his friends, or attempting to include me more during their hangouts. Feels like he doesn’t want to be away from me for to long. Haven’t decided if this is a good or bad thing just yet.

This is the longest he has gone so far with no orgasm. I believe tomorrow at his two week mark I will reward him with a mind blowing orgasm, so today I will be teasing his cock quite a bit, build up my own excitement. So far I’ve noticed the more I control his orgasms the more agreeable he seems to become. As always I’ll keep everyone updated on his progress.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress