Some men are just made to be fluffers. The question is how do they discover their love for serving in the bedroom as a fluffer. How far does it go? Well that is what Danny wished to discover with me. After months of talking with a strong focus on cuckolding a confession was finally given, it was just that time. 

The Real Desire

Danny had been watching cuckold porn for a while, and even watched his love take a pounding every once in a while. Was it exciting? Of course! However there was one thing always gnawing away at him. What he was really into was staring and watching the big cocks. Once they popped out he had a hard time not staring. To the point where it felt like the cock was all he could see…all he wanted to see. 

It wasn’t long until his cuckold video searches were for those that had an emphasis on having a fluffer. It satisfied him for a time until he started becoming jealous of the gentlemen getting to do what he was secretly craving. He wanted to suck his lover’s cock. But he didn’t know how, or even how to bring it up. 

Starting With Toys

Now you all know me. When I have a cocksucker seeking guidance I’m more than happy to lend my guidance. So we did some toy browsing online to find the perfect toys for him to start practicing. As a fresh cocksucker whose only experience is sucking a lollipop Danny knew he had a lot of practicing in store for him to become a premium fluffer. He wanted to be able to do it flawlessly just like in those videos where he discovered his true calling. 

We found many realistic cocks, some that he could just hold and a couple to stick to the wall and practice on his knees for more in the moment fun. After a couple weeks of waiting the toys finally arrived and I was his first call. It was time to circuit train this cocksucker. I instructed him to suck on the phone, with some quick tips. Assigned him practice time and methods to try throughout the week. He would check in with me and share his experiences. It was really gearing up. 

Asking To Become A Fluffer

We were both having so much fun, but the time came when I needed to give him a little push. Bringing Danny back into the present and asking the big question. When are you finally going to ask to be her fluffer? He went quiet and again the subject of just not knowing how to ask came back up. How do you go from watching quietly while stroking in a chair, to asking to become more involved? Especially when the involvement he wanted put him in a very vulnerable and submissive position. 

So we worked up a couple of roleplay scenarios to grow his confidence and continue having a little fun for ourselves. Of course after a few go rounds I had to bring it up again. When are you going to ask for what you want? As Danny’s mistress I only had his best interest at heart. So we set a weekend for when he would sit down with his partner and brooch the subject. I waited all weekend to hear the verdict. Sending positive vibes his way and hoping for the best, and finally Sunday night the verdict was in. 

She Said “Oh God, YES!”

Danny’s hopes of becoming a fluffer are going full speed! She was more than enthusiastic at his request; he thought she would cum right there and then just hearing about what he’s been doing and wanting to do. In fact she immediately began contacting her favorite bulls to see which ones would love to be among the first to enjoy having Danny become their fluffer. 

So it’s a happy ending! Danny is going to be sucking and slurping on some real cock in no time! With practice and confidence he will make a amazing cocksucker and I wonder how many of you would too!