Foot FetishFeet may give you a tingle downstairs but what is it about your foot fetish that really gets your engine running? Not everyone who enjoys feet enjoys them for the same reason, in fact, the foot fetish is more like a category. So let’s break that category down a bit and explore a bit more into foot fetishism.

Natural Look A.K.A Bare Feet

The foot fetish is the most common fetish and often times if you like feet then the image of bare feet is enough to give you a raging boner. You may not have as many preferences about the feet, in general, that’s gotten you so hot and bothered. Just the bareness of feet visually stimulates you, you like the feel of them, to massage them to lick them, and of course to feel them wrapped around your cock. Oftentimes preferring a foot job over a handjob, and sometimes even a blowjob. The natural appeal also suits those who like texture and even like to see and feel calluses on the feet they admire.


Toes in waterIt may not really be just the feet at all that are stimulating to you. It could be the toes attached, perfect for sucking into your mouth as you gaze up at your partner. Triggering in you a real intimate connection. If you love toes it is very common that you enjoy the more sensory aspect of foot fetishism. Toe sucking, sole licking, touching, and feeling toes wiggle along your body teasing you.

Foot Shape

Some are a bit pickier with it come to their foot fetish having particular likes in foot shape and size. Someone may find large flat feet exciting to handle more so than dainty high-arched feet that are preferred by others. In fact, there are a number of different foot shapes and without knowing it you may actually already have a preference for one in particular. Next time you admire a pair of cute feet pay attention to the arch and toes, you may notice a pattern in the type of feet you are attracted to based on shape alone.

Odor Plays A Part In The Foot Fetish

Foot odor can play a huge part for someone who is really into sensory play. The scent of feet often after sweating in a pair of heels or sneakers can be very stimulating for those who are fans of smelly feet. Becoming aroused by sniffing feet no matter clean or dirty, often leading to the tasting as well. Some are even able to achieve orgasm by being able to breathe in strong foot odor!

Visual Stimulation Pedicures And Heels

Sensual Tease MistressVisual stimulation is very powerful in a lot of fetishes. Including the foot fetish experience, wearing foot jewelry like toe rings, or ankle bracelets. Or even stockings or socks covering the feet can still stimulate visually much like lingerie. Pedicures and painted toes often being triggers as well. Don’t forget heels and shoes this opens a mix into other fetishes. Like ballbusting, and those who enjoy a great shoe job.

Now if you like feet you probably like a mix of what was mentioned above, possibly even all of it! It’s important to remember if you are honest about liking feet and having a huge foot fetish you could really enhance your sexual experience with any partner. You should also never feel embarrassed. It’s a hugely common fetish and easily one of the easiest to incorporate into the bedroom. Your foot worship can be exactly the spice any romantic encounter needs! As for me, my pretty feet are ready for your servitude.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,