Hey, guys, have you ever been curious about the concept of a gender swap? I know I certainly have. It’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, with June being Pride Month and all. Actually, it even came up on a call I did recently. My caller and I were discussing what I would do if I woke up as a man and knew I had three days to live like that before I would be magically transformed back into being a woman. Well, honestly, I already knew what I’d do first.

The First Thing I’d Do If I Did A Gender Swap

Of course, the very first thing I’d do would be to jerk off. I know, it’s crass, but I’d just have to try it and see what all the fuss is about after my gender swap. It’d be interesting to see how it works from the point of view of the person who has the penis. I might even have to do it a few times, just to make sure I got the full experience. After that, the next thing I’d do is search for a woman to play with. I’d want to know what it felt like to have her lips wrapped around my-frankly enormous-cock. And I’d want to know what it would feel like to fuck her, too, in both holes. So I’d want to find someone very adventurous to do that with.

Then, I’d Find Myself A Cocksucker

After I had some fun with a woman, my next object would be to find a man to play with. What? You had to know that I’d want to experience everything I possibly could with my new dick in that three days’ time! So, yes, I’d find myself a cocksucker like you to suck my new cock for me. Then, I’d get to know for myself if it’s true that men and women suck cock differently. (I’ve always been curious.) Naturally, I wouldn’t want to just stop with the cocksucking part, either. I’d want to fuck a guy in the ass, too. I’d be remiss in my duties as a male slut if I didn’t, after all. And I could compare fucking men and women, too. I might even find myself a lovely t-girl to fuck, to get the best of both worlds. I think that’d be a lot of fun, too!

Maybe I’d Do Some Prostate Play, Too

Assuming my new penis came with the associated prostate, I’d want to play with that, too. I don’t know if I’d let someone else fuck me or not. That would depend on just how slutty I felt. But I would definitely do some anal play masturbation by myself after my gender swap. It’d be silly not to, I think. I wouldn’t want to miss out on prostate play.  Wondering if it’s anything like g-spot play? I bet I’d find out if I were swapped! I’d probably even try some guided masturbation, to see if I could get some new stroking ideas. It’d be exciting to incorporate that with the anal play, I think.

What else would I do if I had a penis for three days? Oh, I’m sure I can think of something. Wouldn’t you like to play with me if I had one? It’d be like strap on play, only better because the cock would be real! And what if you underwent a gender swap yourself? What would you do with your brand-new pussy? Would you stay in and see all the different ways you could play with it by yourself? Or would you go out and start fucking as many people as you could? Gender swap fantasies are very hot. If you’d like, you can give me a call, and we can discuss one right now. Me, you, both of us. Doesn’t matter. As long as there’s a gender swap involved somehow, it’s good enough for me!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress,