Goodbye 2020I hope everyone had a great holiday season despite how annoying and pretty terrible the rest of the year has been. 2020 has been difficult for a lot of people, I’m well aware it’s not just me. So let’s just start with saying Goodbye 2020. I’m taking the advice of some beautiful and wonderful friends, and hitting a reset button. 

Goodbye 2020

Now a lot of you know before this year I use to be pretty on top of answering messages and emails even when I wasn’t around. Sadly that has dwindled and instead of attempting to play catch up, I’m cleaning out my inbox. I want to start by going into the new year with a clean inbox, that’s organized and ready for action. So if there was a message I did not respond too, that you really want me to respond to, resend. I will be spending a good chunk of my time today getting all of that cleared out. 

I’m determined to start off in 2021 with a positive outlook. So goodbye 2020, and hello to my New Year’s Resolutions! 

My New Year’s Resolutions

  • Be more active with my pets and kink community
  • More assignments 
  • Create some audios
  • More orgasms (For me, not for you. Potentially less for you.)

Now I would say having a more consistent schedule would be among my resolutions but I do struggle with insomnia so that often makes that difficult. For example, two weeks ago I was staying up until 5/6 am, and now I’m in bed before 10 and up at around 6 am. A lot of back and forth, and takes time to get it under control so it’s not going to be a resolution but will make it a long-term goal of mine. 

I showed you mine, now show me yours! How are you saying goodbye 2020, and what are your New Year Resolutions? Let me know in the comment below or let me know privately. Up to you. 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,