Sensual Teasing Mistress Riley 1-800-601-6975It has taken me about a month in this decision. Honestly, I had other things on my mind then Tumblr. As a lot of you know Tumblr has changed its rules and has become a lot less fun. Let’s be honest social media and the virtual world should be fun! I was looking on there today and saw no real reason to keep it going. Luckily I hadn’t posted to much content so I won’t be taking a huge loss. For those of you that did enjoy following me on Tumblr or just like the Tumblr platform, I do have good news. I have decided to use the Bdsmlr platform that is a lot like it. I know I am not the only mistress making the switch so you should definitely check it out. You can find me on there as EnchantrixteaseRiley or click the link and be taken right to it.

Other Ways To Catch Me

I may have deleted my Tumblr but I’m very much plugged into the virtual world. In fact, I can now very much play in the virtual world. I am also on Enchantrix Empire’s discord which is a get way for fellow virtual world players and nonplayers to still interact with their favorite mistresses. My twitter is still very much active and will be as long as Twitter doesn’t try to limit the fun.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress