Habit development during sexual exploration is important if you wish to successfully indulge in any kind of exploration. You could be exploring edging, prostate play, roleplay, or even feminization. The reason behind why habits development is important is we spend more then one third of our life’s relying on our habits, and a little less then half our life’s engaging in sexual activity. Creating positive habits to go along with the experience will heighten your pleasure. However developing bad or harmful habits can greatly take away from your pleasure. 

Things To Know About Habits

It’s true that it takes about 66 days to form a habit but that is just the average. Sometimes it takes less or a lot more time. The reason for this is because you never truly get rid of a habit. You only replace it with a habit you made your brain crave more. In fact your brain believes all your habits are good for you, this is because of the how habits are formed. The first part is the trigger for example, your horny that would be the trigger that will lead to the next part, being the routine. So because your horny, you might masturbate, and then comes the last part which is the reward. For most it’s the climax. So even if you are a constant masturbator which can be bad, your brain only focuses on the feel good reward of the orgasm. 

Now for habit development during sexual exploration being key is because the best way to take control is by forming strong habits to negate the bad. You may realize that is why having a mistress can be so beneficial to your experience. It’s a way to take control even when you are giving the control to someone else. Because more then likely a mistress like myself doesn’t care for bad habits. Most importantly as I said before you never get rid a habit. You only take control by making your brain crave the better habit more. 

Habit Development During Sexual Exploration

During our life’s we sexual experiment from time to time. Some stick with it and others never give it a real chance. The deciding factor of how far you may go in your exploration, training or even chastity play is largely determined by the habits developed along the way. One of the most common bad habits most people have sexually is focusing on the orgasm itself. The reason for this is the reward, your brain just as much as you enjoys the reward of an orgasm. However focusing on just the orgasm can deprive you from not only extra pleasure but the fun you could be having along the way. 

So for a example a good habit to introduce for chronic masturbator would be to focus on teasing yourself. Learn to edge for longer, enjoy the build up, stimulate more then just your cock. Also though it might seem weird, start to reflect on your orgasms after. Consider the things you could have done to enhance your pleasure so you may remember for the next time. 

When focusing on habit development during your sexual exploration consider your goals. The first habit and most important is creating self-acceptance. If you do not feel comfortable or happy with your own sexual exploration it will be riddled with bad and rushed habits, and you won’t reach the maximum pleasure your capable of. This is true even when exploring with a partner. 

Do Not Take The Good With The Bad

When it comes to your pleasure don’t settle. If you truly want to invest in your personal sexual experiences then good habit development during sexual exploration should be a focus in your journey. Your not going to become the edging king, or sexy beauty your desire to be overnight. But with patience, guidance and willpower you can reach ultimate pleasure, or even amazing transformations by focusing on those little positive habits. 

Stay healthy, stay positive!

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,